Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I have had opportunity to mobilize old boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi since 2005, but it is not an easy task.  The old students of any school are a big potential if they are brought up knowing the significance of this type of associations when still at school as students or children.  A school that wants to use the old students as a growth pole should ensure that the students while still at school are treated in a just way.  It is true that some students face injustice while at school, and such students are at times able to complete their studies in such school successfully with chances of being successful in life such that they would be able to part with something to see to the development of their former school, but given the background where they may have been mistreated, it becomes a bit hard to induce them to make a worthy contribution to their former school.

The problem starts when the students are not inducted into the roles they are expected of after leaving school.  It can be good when the old students learn from example when those who left the school show results, say by contributing to the projects at the school.  When continuing students see developments by the old students, they are given courage to be able to make a contribution once they are out of the school.

It is also true that some old students’ association executives are dictatorial; others design succession which favours certain categories.  An old students association should be seen to be practicing justice; they should recruit as many old students as possible.  Where possible, the association should recruit finalists at the time when they are about to sit for their final examinations.  This gives the association to have contacts (email) so that important communication to do with meetings, developments can be enhanced.  There are associations that dictate the activities that the old students have to be involved in.  The best option for the old students association is to see that the old students are incorporated in the planning of the activities, their ideas should be welcome and debate enhanced.

It is true that old students’ associations can be a vehicle for development of the schools as well as helping each other of the members if the executive of such associations can be trustable, transparent, they encourage member participation to mention just a few of the areas that are important.  It is also critical that the executives of the old students’ associations observe the term limits and ensure that they hand over power within the constitutional time limit.      

William Kituuka



The Executive Committee of SMACKOBA wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to you for the tremendous support you have always extended towards SMACKOBA over the years.

SMACKOBA further wishes to thank and recognize your efforts towards nation building through the different services you render to this country and wish you utmost success in all your endeavors. 

As part of our activities, we invite you to be part of our Annual Reunion Dinner to be held at City Royal Resort Hotel, Bugolobi, on the 26th of September 2014. The cards are sold as follows;

·         Single 100,000/=
·         Couple            150,000/=
·         Corporate table for ten Ushs 1,500,000/=.
·         Corporate table for eight Ushs 1,200,000/=
·         Corporate table for Six Ushs 900,000/=
 In addition to networking and touching base with fellow old boys from diverse walks of life, you will also enjoy;
  • Free flow of drinks (wines for corporate tables)
  • Performances by Iryn Namubiru and a crew of dancers
  • Entrance into Guvnor at a greatly discounted rate of 10,000/=
  • Special room rates at city Royal Resort Hotel of USD100 for two, or USD140 for a suit for two, Bed and breakfast.
  • Interaction with the old boys that designed the soon to be produced KIIRA SMACK car.
  • Awards and certificates to outstanding old boys.
 Contact us on (Norah) 0772/0752 922699 or Maurice 0782 855507 to arrange delivery or pick it from our office at Mukwasi house.

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