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I must say that I loved my stay at St. Mary's College Kisubi. Brother Anthony Kyemwa's administration gave us freedom of worship, and as a Protestant belonging to the Church of Uganda, I had no regrets, it was as if we were a protestant school.

I thank the Brother so much.

Dr. Charles Mbire at St. Mary’s College Kisubi; in the 1st photo he was honored and in the 2nd, at a Sports event sponsored by his Company MTN.

Dr. Charles Mbire an Old Boy and a big donor to the College
The Eagle team (2002) included Robert Nturwabakye, John Nkwanga and Steven Mukasa.
Below are Excerpts. (Photo of Mr Charles Mbiire the man with a big heart for SMACK)
The Eagle: Could you tell us about yourself?
Dr. Mbire:  I am Charles Mbire, an Economist.  I have several business interests ranging from Communications, Power projects, and several companies.
I represent international companies in South Africa, Uganda, United States, U.K and now Nigeria.  I am in major companies such as MTN Uganda where I am one of the founders, a shareholder and Director.
The Eagle: What attracted you to SMACK?
Dr. Mbire: First, I think it’s one of the top schools.  If you look around in all spheres of influence, you will always find somebody from SMACK.
The Eagle: Which House were you in?
Dr. Mbire: Mugwanya House.
The Eagle: Who were your favourite teachers?
Dr. Mbire: The teachers I remember are Mr. Mutumba, then Brother Sekitoleko, Brother Tinkasimire (who was very helpful to me), my Headmaster Brother Anthony Kyemwa who really disciplined us, and Mr J. C. Kiwanuka (RIP).
The Eagle: What unique trait did you get from SMACK?
Dr. Mbiire: One of them is going to church, the morals.  I got a very strong religious background and then of course coming from an “upper class” primary school, when I got to St. Mary’s, it was a shock.  I was brought down to reality to what we are in Uganda.  I had never been to a boarding school before; SMACK actually groomed me into a man.
The Eagle: How was the interaction between S.1 and S.6 during your time?
Dr. Mbire: There was division, for example, the S.6 had many privileges including dances, going out and the young boys were jealous.  You know, it is natural.
The Eagle: No bullying?
Dr. Mbire: No. In my life at Kisubi, I was never bullied.
The Eagle: How was the social life those days?
Dr. Mbire: I remember when I was Vice-Chairman of the Social Club in S.4, we voted for Gayaza, Nabbingo and Namagunga.  We used to have a lot of interaction because we had the Scripture Union, YCS, Debating and we used to go to Namagunga.  Those were our friends.  Our enemies were Namilyango, they used to call us weevils, and we were calling them fumblers.
The Eagle: What was SMACK known for besides academics?
Dr. Mbire: We were the best at basketball, football, athletics and Table tennis.  I want to resurrect basketball fully, we were the best, Kisubi was very good.
The Eagle: Any bad memories?
Dr. Mbire: When a student drowned at Nabinonya beach, it is one of my worst memories in Kisubi it scared me.  Then the food was very bad, but they tried their best.  My worst experience was when the water pump blew and it was really terrible.
The Eagle: Any advice to the SMACK students?
Dr. Mbire: Habits got in school live on.  Be careful of what you do now.  You may do it for fun but it will follow you.  Remember God.  You must also have a plan.  Apply your brains in the right direction.  Aim for the sky you will get the ceiling, aim for the ceiling.  Man is the architect of his own destiny.

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