Monday, 1 September 2014


Sometime ago, the taxi park at Kajjansi trading centre was changed from opposite Uganda Clays Ltd on the ground that it was located in another Sub – county (Makindye Ssabaggabo).  The taxi park was put in the parking meant to be used by vehicles offloading goods for the market as well as customers for the Kajjansi market.  Given that development, I called on the Chairman LC III Ssisa Sub – county Mr. Byekwaso and talked to him that the arrangement was wrong given the traffic flow and that there was need to have all vehicles offloading to the market to be restricted to the market park so as to leave the Nakigalala road with traffic to and fro Nakigalala side.  Recently, there has been traffic jam at Kajjansi in the evenings partly because the parking meant for the market customers is equally used by the taxi’s loading customers to Kampala. 
Monday, 1st September 2014 saw another development where all taxis from Entebbe side have to join the already congested situation.  While the taxi park at the market at Kajjansi is already congested, it has no capacity to hold taxis from Entebbe that have to load as well as offload.  This is complicated more by the narrow nature of the road to Nakigalala, taking into consideration the traffic from Entebbe as well as Kampala that wants to join Nakigalala road as well as that from Nakigalala side. 
Government MUST come in very fast to see this arrangement abandoned.  

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