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Uganda’s problems are escalated by a few opportunists who since the 1986 days have always wished to please President Museveni and only realized their mistakes after falling out with him, but this has left the people of Uganda to suffer the consequences.  A number of people who understand what is going on in Uganda currently attribute Uganda’s problems to the excessive powers which the President of Uganda has.  It is surprising that the President is everywhere not only at functions which should be officiated on by junior persons, but he also happens to be a main solution to many of the existing problems, and many of these call for financial solutions where the President has to order someone to release the funds, a situation that has led the Uganda shilling to constantly lose value.

Given the above background, it is only an opportunist who can wish the President to appoint a Lord Mayor.  This proposal should simply be thrown into the dust bin as it will not help Uganda.  Kampala City needs elected leaders to work together with the technical personnel.  What has to be done is getting the roles of the various parties clearly outlined.   

William Kituuka

Lukwago wants referendum on Lord Mayor post


Posted  Tuesday, September 2  2014 at  01:00

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has asked the government to organise a referendum in Kampala to resolve the political stalemate on the Lord Mayor’s position.
“Our Constitution is clear that power belongs to the people and it is the people who voted for Mr Museveni and I. So let the people of Kampala decide on whether Kampala should be governed by elected or appointed leaders,” Mr Lukwago said yesterday at a news conference at his office in Kampala.
Citing Article 255 of the constitution of Uganda, Mr Lukwago said a referendum can be organised at any jurisdiction level on any particular matter, and that Kampala is no exception.
“I want to challenge President Museveni and his government that if they still believe in the rule of law, let’s have a referendum on the issues of Kampala,” he said. “I know I have cornered Mr Museveni as far as legal battles are concerned, so he is left with no other options. Now it’s time for Ugandans to rise up to fight for their sovereignty,” he said.
Mr Lukwago’s call was prompted by the proposal presented before the MPs sitting on the Presidential and Foreign affairs committee. UPDF MP Julius Oketta recently proposed to the committee that the KCCA Act should be amended to allow the President appoint the Lord Mayor. The proposal was rejected by the committee members.
Mr Lukwago also asked Parliament to investigate Mr Oketta for snubbing parliamentary procedures of presenting a proposal to the House’s committees.
Role of Parliament
“I know Museveni has directed Kampala minister [Frank Tumwebaze] to quickly amend the KCCA Act to allow him appoint the Lord Mayor, but I am prepared for the political battle.”
Constitutional lawyer Peter Walubiri said Mr Lukwago’s call is legitimate but adde that the matter can be best resolved through amicable means.
“It [referendum call] is a legitimate call but its results will not be binding unless the KCCA Act is amended to remove section 9 that provides for an elected Lord Mayor,” he said.

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