Saturday, 18 October 2014



Government to establish a Disaster Preparedness and Management Commission to deal with disasters in accordance with Article 249 (1) of the Constitution of Uganda and have it well funded given the projections in disasters
To strengthen interventions such as resettlement of survivors in landslide prone areas as well as get durable solutions
To implement a flood management strategy for all districts prone to fllods with among other measures de – silting rivers
To address effects of climate change on the communities within the Cattle Corridor

To ensure that Uganda Licensing Board and Uganda Police Force strengthen the implementation of the Traffic and Road Safety Act. Cap 361, specifically in regard to section 59 (a) and (i) of the Act which provides for Testing drivers/instructors and regulating Driving Schools.  In addition, Section 103 and 106 on Inspection of all vehicles to be enforced
To adequately facilitate the National Road Safety Council to undertake preventive measures including Road Safety Campaigns.
The Ministry of Works & Transport to inspect existing roads in order to re-design and reconstruct them hence remove Black spots, constantly seal pot holes, place traffic lights and as well come up with Road Signs that are not easily vandalized.




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