Saturday, 18 October 2014


Uganda’s problem is the mass poverty, ignorance, high youth population figures with majority unemployed, disease, environmental degradation, the difference between the budget and budget out-turn of about 30%, corruption, poor governance record due to the fact that the regime is using all possible strategies to retain power, an unbelievably huge administrative infrastructure and the too much power which the President holds. 

Uganda’s involvement in the regional conflicts is a very big liability to the country as it is calling for a lot of resources which otherwise would go into development initiatives, and also, a lot of money is needed to counter terrorists targeting the country not forgetting loss of manpower which constantly leads to dependent population needing support.  We must remember that this is responsible for the increasing budget on classified expenditure.

The unfair distribution of the national cake with the biggest pie to the NRM – O members, and President Museveni while campaigning for NRM candidates always fronts the delivery of services in favour of constituents that elect NRM – O candidates

One cannot guarantee that potential funders will be able to get the funding to him/her given the road blocks the NRM – O Government has put in place.  These are bound to frustrate any potential candidate who eventually may just give up competing in national elections, yet the NRM – O even encroaches on the Consolidated Fund to fund party activities.

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