Saturday, 18 October 2014


Within 2 years of getting elected to office, I should be able to present to Parliament a Coordinated Programme of Economic & Social Development Policies, in other words, the Uganda Shared Growth and Development Agenda (USGDA).  This should form the basis for preparation of development plans and annual budgets at the sector and district levels throughout the country.

The Better Uganda Agenda to encompass the following social and economic goals:

Putting food on people’s tables;
Providing citizens with secure and sustainable jobs;
Rehabilitating and expanding infrastructural facilities;
Ensuring gender equity in access to productive resources such as land, labour, technology, capital/finance and information;
Expanding access to potable water and sanitation, health, housing and education;
Ensuring the safety of life and property;
Embarking on an affirmative action to rectify errors of the past, particularly as they relate to discrimination against women;
Reducing gender and geographical disparities in the distribution of national resources;
Ensuring environmental sustainability in the use of natural resources through Science, technology and innovation;
Pursuing an employment – led economic growth strategy that will appropriately link agriculture to industry, particularly manufacturing;
Creating a new order of social justice and equity, premised on the inclusion of all hitherto excluded and marginalized people, particularly the poor, the underprivileged and persons with disabilities;
Ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are fairly shared among the various segments of society;
Improving transparency and accountability in the use of public funds and other national resources;
Accelerating economic growth rate to at least 8% per annum

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