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Dear all,

I salute all who long for a positive change in the topmost leadership of Uganda.  My name is Kiwanuka Kituuka William.  I prefer to be called Kiwanuka Kituuka for the Presidential bid.  I have put on the Internet the reasons why Kiwanuka Kituuka is offering himself for President of Uganda.  This can be accessed on the link below:

I would like to boost Sports in Uganda as is indicated on the link below:

My duty this time around is to reach to your heart and convince you to see the positive aspects in me that are worth the Office of President of Uganda, given the challenges where many are convinced that it is not possible to win an election when President Museveni is a player and the rules not so much modified to suit the voices that are not satisfied with the status quo.  It may not be that easy partly because of the following reasons:  The opposition politicians believe that they need one Presidential candidate, agreed, however, there are no agreed on parameters to reach that consensus that easy.  2ndly, it is true that while for the Members of Parliament it is possible to follow up the declarations at polling stations, there is no machinery so far that gets all the declaration forms for results to a tallying centre to finally compare with the electoral commission declarations.  3rd, the electoral commission gives inconsistent information regarding the voters registered at each polling station on the polling day.  There are no figures to show how many people actually fail to trace their names on the polling day, yet the opposition would be clear that the lists given out prior to polling actually are the true ones that they would use on polling day.  4th, the security deployment which the NRM – O Government is known for whenever we get to vote for the President needs address so that the people go and vote without fear and also a good number keep around to see that irregularities are not given chance.

I believe I can solve the problem that those who wish to see President Museveni foresee.  It is a matter of supporting me for this bid then the matter would be put to rest.  Just support me as a Prospect candidate in any of your constituency and then concentrate on marketing yourself in case you are interested in any elective position, or at least a better future for Uganda.  You will then hit 4 birds with one stone!  How is this?

         i.            You will see Museveni’s exit after he has lost the vote;
       ii.            You will see transition to a better Uganda;
      iii.          You will be able to add to all positive voices for a change to a better Uganda as a Member of Parliament or other elective position that you will get or even as a mere contented Ugandan or member of the international community who longs to see Uganda Managed democratically and where consensus rules;
    iv.        Positive debate will be promoted in Parliament when the opposition ends up with majority following better concentration on nomination appropriate candidates given the time lag available for consensus building among the opposition members as was the case in Luwero.

Those who may not know me at least by my works (much of which is on Internet), I wish to tell you that I am not a common Ugandan citizen.  At least I am aware of this.  I believe it is because God has a purpose for me to remain alive to deliver Uganda to the “Promised Land” that I am alive today.  I am away of my schemes though would have seen me no more, but the good Lord who has saved me to – date has helped me prepare since 1991 for a transition to a better Uganda, the reason I believe I am alive today.

I wish to thank President Museveni for what he has been able to do for Uganda as President since 1986 when he captured power.  What is absurd is that election after election, his appetite for remaining in office of the President grows, unfortunately, though he sees himself greatly contributing to the security of Uganda, I am sorry to say that he is the country’s biggest liability now.  I have been able to quote areas where he is a liability to the country in my write up within the Background of: “Kiwanuka Kituuka for President – We shall give incentives to teachers and lower cadre medical staff,” refer to the link below:

While the President is consolidating the military might, this is for his continued stay in power (regime longevity) and countering the UPDF involvement in regional conflicts, meanwhile, the people in Uganda are impoverished on, salaries not paid in time with the excuse being payroll related problems, and a lot in form funds has to be spent to counter possible forces that can attempt to invade Uganda to commit terrorism or even internal uprising.  Meanwhile, as rosy figures are talked about in a number of for a, much of this money does not help employment creation, instead, the population unsure of the future is ever ready to stage demonstrations and the country ends up investing billions in tear gas.  The Independent of Friday, 31st, January 2014 – Article: Gen. Kayihura’s moment has come, under a sub – heading, “The teargas king plans 2016 come back, says, “Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura’s recent announcement that he is recruiting 3,500 more men and women to the force is being praised as equally as it is being criticized.  Critics say the recruitment is another bad sign ahead of the scheduled 2016 national general elections. Just last year, in April, another 5000 were recruited.  Heavy deployment of security forces around election time has tended to favour President Museveni because, critics say, as fear spreads among voters because of the intimidation, most stay away from the polls.  That was the case in the last election in February 2011 when in July 2010 Kayihura recruited 5,500 Special Police Constables (SPCs) to the force”.

I thank God for having given me an insight into the personality of Museveni at an early time in life as a youth.  It was in 1979 that I saw began seeing the actual colours of Museveni.  He participated in the removal of the Late Prof. Yusuf Kironde Lule from President.  As students at St. Mary’s College Kisubi, we went to the main road (Entebbe Highway) and demonstrated.  Museveni who was then Minister of Defense got his men surround us, and he ordered us back to school.  I saw his role when Binaisa (RIP) was nominated President of Uganda.  He played a role in the House arrest of Binaisa.  Shortly, there was preparation for the 1980 General Elections and Binaisa accepted to play a senior role in Museveni’s UPM Party.  That was not all.  After UPC ‘won’ the disputed 1980 General Elections, when Museveni went to the bush, he was able to join hands with Prof. Lule!  I then learnt a lesson that Museveni might have a very convincing tongue, but in my heart he was not a sincere person.  I have since not regretted, because many would – be respectable people; Professors, Doctors, have fallen after serving under him and have eventually departed ways unceremoniously.  

There are a few reflections on Museveni below:    

The Uganda Peace talks, which lasted from 26 August to 17 December, were notoriously acrimonious and the resultant ceasefire broke down almost immediately. The final agreement, signed in Nairobi, called for a ceasefire, demilitarization of Kampala, integration of the NRA and government forces, and absorption of the NRA leadership into the Military Council.[12] These conditions were never met.  By 22 January, government troops in Kampala had begun to quit their posts en masse as the rebels gained ground from the south and south-west.  On the 25th, the Museveni-led faction finally overran the capital. The NRA toppled Okello's government and declared victory the next day.  Museveni was sworn in as president on 29 January. "This is not a mere change of guard, it is a fundamental change," said Museveni, after a ceremony conducted by British-born chief justice Peter Allen. Speaking to crowds of thousands outside the Ugandan parliament, the new president promised a return to democracy. Source:

“Museveni had accepted (to step down after 2006),” says Bidandi. “It was even reflected in his (and NRM’s) 2001 manifesto.” Privy to this information, Bidandi asked Ugandans to ‘see-off’ Museveni by voting him President for the last term. “I had taken his (Museveni’s) word seriously, so I fervently campaigned for him,” says Bidandi.  Source:

The claim that the NRM, naturally under the visionary leadership of Yoweri Museveni, discovered the oil in the western parts of the country has got to count as one of the greatest myths ever invented in Uganda.  Anyone who grew up or studied in Bunyoro before the world was allegedly created in 1986 will tell you that the presence of oil in the Lake Albert area was common knowledge among the locals. More importantly, the people the president has described as “the oil scientists who helped us to find the oil” like Energy and Mineral Development Permanent Secretary Fred Kabagambe-Kaliisa, Chief Technical Adviser on Oil and Gas Reuben Kashambuzi and Commissioner for Petroleum Exploration and Production Ernest Rubondo have all in their various writings, presentations and official reports acknowledged that the presence of oil was confirmed before the NRM came to power.  In one of his reports, Kashambuzi, for example, writes: “the drilling of the Butiaba Waki-B1 well in late 1930s was the first attempt to investigate the subsurface, the well-penetrated sandstones, shale and conglomerates. An oil shale at a depth of 1200m reported to contain some free oil was confirmation of the existence of source rocks responsible for the numerous oil seeps identified in the Albertine Graben….”  Source:

I chose not to play a role as a contesting candidate for any elective position in Uganda under President Museveni’s leadership because I don’t subscribe to his ways.  Now, I am offering myself as a solution to the longstanding problem I identified 35 years ago. 

A number of people in Uganda have heard about me, seen my works and some have used my work as reference for their other undertakings, hence can testify about my abilities and innovativeness, and it is no miracle that I came up with the write – up: “Preliminaries as Kiwanuka Kituuka prepares to participate as a Presidential Candidate for the 2016 Uganda Presidency”.  The link is:

Where corruption is involved, I must say, I am not there.  I am the type of person who will subscribe to the Constitution of Uganda.  For example, what I knew was tha it provides for a Vice President and not a Prime Minister.  I am for the status quo of the Constitution, and it should be upheld.  The number of Ministers as provided for should not be exceeded.  No Presidential advisors or RDCs, but just the rightly placed staff of President’s office and State House.  I fail to understand why the President uses the Entebbe State House as well as the Kampala one when the Vice President has no such official house.  If I ever get elected, the Vice President will occupy the Kampala State House and only shift after some alternative accommodation has been acquired.  Prior to my nomination as Candidate for President of Uganda, I will make sure some representatives of women get together to nominate an appropriate woman that can serve as Vice President for gender balance and as a run-mate.

Since 1991 when I left Nile bank, I have been involved in public policy and debates and contributed to proposals for a better Uganda, I have also been involved in Good Governance and Human Rights issues, proposal writing, publishing to mention a few.

When General Wamala was Inspector General of Police (IGP), I wrote to him about a worsening security situation around Kisubi (Entebbe Highway) and its hinterland.  That time there was a Police Post at St. Mary’s College Kisubi, but was not strategically located.  I also proposed the possible location of the station, and it was okayed, and that is where the Police was shifted to.  I endeavoured to communicate to organizations on Kisubi hill to give support to the infant Station.

I campaigned for financial assistance to see Robina Namukasa travel for treatment to India for an operation.  Though according to Doctors in India she had a 19% chance of leaving the operation room arrive, she came back as is recovering slowly.  The appeal: “Kindly help Robinal Namukasa raise shs 40m for Tumour treatment in India,” can be accessed on the link below:

At the time when privately sponsored students at Makerere University were voiceless, I came out as Founder of Makerere University Private Students’ Parents’ Association (MUPRISPA), a company limited by guarantee.  There was a lot of input to see that privately sponsored students are taken as an important asset given that their financial muscle was greatly helping infrastructure development at the University and the source on motivation pay to staff.  The University administration was never positive to our efforts.  I once got an appointment to see Prof. Sebuwufu the then Vice – Chancellor of the University.  I must say that for this cause, I got a word bash by the Professor.  I will never forget that time.  It was as if I were his small kid.  He shouted to the top of his voice, and the meeting ended very unceremoniously as he gave me no chance to explain.

President Museveni in his 2001 re – election manifesto had promised to see a student loan scheme in place.  I decided to put some effort in drafting a sustainable Educational Loan scheme and Identifying clientele for it.  This was sent to the Ministry of Education and copied to a number of offices.  My background as a commercial banker helped me a lot.

One time when Makerere University came up with increment in tuition fee payable by various courses, I made an open letter appeal to President Museveni to intervene to reverse the fees.  Good enough he was positive and I thanked him.

I prayed a role in the promotion of CHOGM as can be seen on the links below:

1.      Kituuka’s CHOGM works:

2.      Kituuka on Marketing Uganda: A pictorial presentation of CHOGM 2007 re – discovers Uganda.

The Members of Uganda Parliament are required to endorse any foreign borrowing by Government before implementation.  This came about after my letter that was published in the Sunday vision during the Constituency Assembly days.  I also remember contributing to the name of the army after it was thought that NRA was not appropriate.  Currently, I don’t have evidence that I am actually the one who proposed UPDF, but I think I am or at least something near to it.

Those who travel to Entebbe via Kajjansi Trading Centre see a man – made lake opposite Uganda Clays.  This was filled in 1979 during the war.  The years that followed the filling – up, this Lake was no longer visible, actuaaly you could not tell that there was any water body underneath a part from those who had seen the water body before the overgrowth on top.  I was aware that for a number of years the people at Kajjansi used to first search this lake in case a person got missing.  It was in such a bad state that anybody could be damped there and not seen again.  I wrote a letter to see the manmade lake at Pan kajjansi cleared.   This is at the link below:

There a few schools in Uganda that have come to celebrate 100 years or less of their existence any near to the way St. Mary’s celebrated its 100 years in 2006.  I prayed a role in mobilizing the Old Boys and a record turn up was registered.  I also played roles of Editor and sub – editor and came up single handed with the History of the School using some existing literature as well as interviews and questionnaires of those who were in the know.  The history of the school before the modification of 2014 can be got on “Kituuka’s works on the History of St. Mary’s College Kisubi,” the link is below:

I have for not less than 8 years communicated to a number of Old Boys through email on various developments and have been editor of The Morning Star a publication of the Old Boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi. Some of my works to do with communication to SMACK OBs can be found on the links below:

I would love to see those in the area where I grew up happy.  Today, it is misery that greets you when you got to Namutamba which is found in Mityana district.  Not only do I have a blog dedicated to Namutamba community, but I have made proposals for their better situation if the vote positively for me and I sail through.  My proposal can be accessed on the link below:

I have published on career related issues in Career Tips Magazine as well as been contributing in newspapers on career maters as well as issues on education policy.  In 2009, I communicated to Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) about having parents pay direct the exam fee to UNEB.  This year, after students continued missing exams due to irresponsible Head teachers who did not remit the fee, UNEB decided that starting 2015, parents are to pay direct to UNEB using a number of methods.

I can mention that I never leave National Water pipes that are broken unreported.  I have done it a number of times even in areas where I don’t live.  So, I think I show Social Responsibility.

All in all, my appeal remains to get your support such that when nomination time comes, I have the muscle and the people are ready to see me at the steering to see Uganda on the road to “The Promised Land.”

Thank you.





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