Sunday, 26 October 2014


You can see my hat.  It is made out of a foot ball.  I have always imagined that Sports in Uganda can be given a better outlook.  I wish to propose the following when elected President of Uganda so as to improve performance in Sports:
1.      Have all the Sportsmen/women in the national teams full time employees of Government with the following
                                 i.            Salary
                               ii.            Balanced meals whenever they are at work (training or other)
                              iii.            Transport allowance paid daily when they report
                            iv.            Housing
                              v.            Free treatment (Shall subscribe to the Medical Insurance)
2.      In addition, they will train in Business skills and skills in Instructing games.  These are to help them once they are retired for whatever reason to get other viable employment.
3.      Government to give a package to whoever is retired so that he/she can make some new life.
4.      Some of them could also be helped join schools/organizations as team trainers.
5.      Playing grounds to be modernized to suit the situation as compared to some better fields out of Uganda.
6.      Players to be better equipped with what they need for their trades.
7.      Those training the national teams to be facilitated better to do good work, and where more competent trainers are needed, Government shall come in to facilitate.
8.      There should be better planned schedules for Sports men travel so that Government can meet the bill in time.
9.      There will be audience for more or better proposals to see Uganda teams perform better as a marketing strategy for the country.

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