Saturday, 25 October 2014


After nearly 3 decades of decay of Namutamba by the NRM Government leadership, the Almighty God has remembered the people of Namutamba and its hinterland by being behind Kiwanuka Kituuka’s intention to stand for President in the 2016 elections.

Some people who don’t understand how Government works are questioning how Kiwanuka can fit in President Museveni’s shoes. The answer is simple. When I stand for President of Uganda and miraculously make it (given the one thousand and more odds by the NRM Government), I will work as the heart in the body. You realize that each organ performs its own roles, and in this case, these are the dead institutions under the NRM leadership such that for nearly everything people see the President as the solution! Be sure that Ugandans will have chance to see Government institutions work. And, this will be getting set on the road to the Promised Land – the ideal for the Pearl of Africa which Uganda is supposed to be.

I don’t think I need to battle so much to win the hearts of the people of Namutamba. I stand very well in the shoes of my late father – Besuel Ssebayizzi Kiwanuka (BSK), who among other things constructed the P7 block when he was Headmaster at the Demonstration School; for 2 decades taught responsible teachers for Uganda at Namutamba Teachers’ College, was a missionary who preached the word of God; was a Garden teacher at the College as well as a building pillar for Namutamba Secondary School. The Namutamba Community is well aware of the past when Namutamba scored in nearly everything, and the NRM Governance has instead put it off the map!

Namutamba Tea Estate in the better times

If the people of Uganda and more so those of Namutamba support me and I eventually make it to the top seat, I will start off by launching a Fund Raising Drive to Re – build Namutamba. As you may be aware, from my lengthy write – up: PRELIMINARIES AS KIWANUKA KITUUKA PREPARES TO PARTICIPATE AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR THE 2016 UGANDA PRESIDENCY on the link:…/preliminaries-as-k…

NB This is my personal piece of work under my own consultancy!

There will not be such funds like the current Presidential pledges, so funds will have to be raised from well wishers to among other things help in the following areas (Don’t forget, I trained as a Rural Economist):
1. Re – establish reliable transport throughout the day to Namutamba from Mityana town.
2. Re – construct Namutamba Demonstration School and eventually get it back to the top in academic rankings.
3. Re – construct Namutamba Teachers’ College and get it to the leading position as one of the best Teachers’ Colleges. 

4. Boost the growing of fruits so that these can be taken straight to the Food Science Dept. of Makerere University where capacity will have to be boosted to industrial production of their delicious and nutritious juice for the local, Eastern Africa market and beyond.
5. Boost Matooke production with the advice of Mityana Farm Institute and the extension services.
6. Get the people to appreciate modern Animal Husbandry so that better milk yielding breeds can be managed as well as introduce Milk collecting centres for marketing.
7. I will establish a personal village home in Namutamba to have better interaction with the people who saw me grow up.

8. Boost Namutamba Secondary School infrastructure and academic standards (don’t forget that I was called upon to revive the school in 1984).
9. See to a boost in vocational training within the area.
10. Locate a trading centre conveniently with a wholesale shop, petrol; diesel and paraffin pump station, as well as get machinery in place to handle the milling of grain.
11. Boost the Coffee production and management of diseases.
12. Encourage the growing of bio – fuel producing plants which will be used in the processing industrialization for the area given that hydro – electricity is not cost effective as of now, hence using it may lead to products being uncompetitive on the market.
13. See to it that roads are well maintained.
14. Attract investors to the area.
With the above empowerment, every able bodied person in Namutamba should be able to have meaningful income for better livelihood.

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