Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Majority of Ugandans yearn for a positive change in the management of the affairs of their country, but are resigned about seeing such change in their life time yet life grows harder year after year.  Kiwanuka Kituuka has identified weaknesses of the Opposition Leaders in Uganda.  He is convinced that when these are corrected, it is possible to catch the Presidency.  These among others include failure to deliver tangible results to the electorate before seeking for elective office.  Kiwanuka has been involved in playing various roles to see to the welfare of privately sponsored students at Makerere University since 2001, among other areas.  There is need to deliver to the people before going to ask them for votes.  Secondly, the opposition has not been able to have the ability to ensure credible representation at all the polling stations countrywide so as to be able to have counter tallying of the results to what the Electoral Commission delivers, some of which are believed to be altered.   

For over 20 years now, he has been a student of Good Governance, hence the eventual registration of Good Governance Practice.  He has found himself contributing to alternative and better policies for Uganda.  Some of such policies have had the audience of the NRM Government and have been implemented, the most recent being the one he made in 2009 regarding changing the approach to payment of the fee for National Examinations (UNEB) after a number of students were missing final examinations following Head teachers embezzling the money.  UNEB says starting 2015, parents will pay direct to UNEB through various channels.  Much of his works on policy and Human Rights issues can be found on the various blogs he has on the Internet which are for public consumption.  Following the promises in President Museveni's re - election Manifesto of 2001 to implement a Student Loan Scheme, he came up with a model of a Sustainable Education Loan Scheme under Makerere University Private Students' Parents' Association (MUPRISPA) which he had founded earlier.  This proposal was however ignored by the NRM Government and instead, a non - sustainable discriminative scheme has been put in place in 2014 with all the odds which the MUPRISPA approach had addressed.

The people of Uganda who yearn to see a prosperous country have been frustrated more so when the country leadership is at liberty to shift goal posts, as the country's development is compromised.  The colossal amounts of money lost in corruption related scandals are simply ridiculous.  It is sad that many such deals sail through after taking short cuts and institutions that would counter such scandals and eventually loss of tax payer money are rendered powerless in such circumstances.  There is no consensus on a number of things such that the executive for example is at liberty to take the UPDF to South Sudan to support one faction of the fighting groups without prior approval of Parliament.  In such circumstances, it is sad that the tax payer has in addition to foot the bill for maintaining UPDF in South Sudan, meanwhile Government employees including teachers, the Ministry of health staff among others have complained of not getting salary some up to 4 months, with unconvincing reasons including payroll problems, yet some of these have in the meantime had the monthly loan installment liabilities by Government to the various creditors, yet with no salary paid to these people.  This status quo is worsened by the NRM Caucus which in most cases takes the President's position and when back to Parliament the members just endorse the President's wishes.

It is now the norm to have Uganda Police Force and UPDF as priority areas where recruitment is sure and in good numbers on a yearly basis.  In the New Vision Vol. 16 No. 105 of Tuesday, may 2, 2000, under: "Museveni woos graduates to armed forces," the President is quoted to have said, "idle graduates with qualifications irrelevant to the Ugandan market should go back for retraining or join the armed forces.  The unemployed graduates with degrees in unmarketable courses should take advantage of the 22,000 vacancies in the Police Force."

In the circumstances, Kiwanuka Kituuka sees himself as a person who has never been compromised from the days of the NRM 5 - year Bush war.  He say the NRM/A approach then no solution to Uganda's problems, and he was not wrong, because the engineer of the revolution has been compromised, and the best the people of Uganda are disagreements in between the players in Government with President Museveni always emerging as 'Mr right.'  Kiwanuka is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he can unite the people of Uganda many of whom see that enough is enough.  He promised to be the string that will hold together the people of Uganda with various convictions, but with consensus as the way to go to the brighter future on a journey to the Promised Land.

While Kiwanuka has positions on some issues, he is convinced that many others over which the NRM Government has been uncompromising are much more of common sense issues where the consensus positions should rule, these among others include having the Federal Arrangement countrywide with at least not less than 60% of those the Odoki Commission approached okayed it with 60%.  Ugandans need to see Uganda's institutions functional.  It is absurd when many see the President as the clearing house for nearly everything, and this is becoming a very big problem for the country.  Credible people are available locally and can be identified to help the proper functioning of Uganda's institutions.  Accountability is a must, and this cannot be compromised anymore.  It is absurd that a few people in big positions are at liberty to do unlawful things. There is need to get the clearing business out of State House so that accountable organs of the State handle them.

Kiwanuka promises the people of Uganda a better Uganda if they support him to be at the steering.  He will avoid the wrong relationship as can be depicted between a Bank manager and a cashier.  He says, "If you want a cashier to stick to the rules, you don't start issuing vouchers for her to hold so that she holds them as part of her cash - on - hand as well as entertain any sexual relationship with her.  Instead, you get to spot check her any time without prior notice so that she keeps her till clean.  You don't encourage customers to call on you leaving out the respective lower cadre staff who would handle them, given that it is only matters beyond such staff would be referred to the manager."

The problem with the NRM leadership is that many are so compromised, that is the reason why those below find liberty to loot public property including outright stealing of cash.  Kiwanuka Kituuka is promising clean leadership to the people of Uganda who yearn so much for it.



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