Tuesday, 15 December 2015


The roles of President begin from the time one wins the Presidential election.  I would start by setting up various task-forces.  To keep in Statehouse in Uganda, one ought to handle defense and security of the country right.  Prior to swearing in, I would contact a number of countries for a boost on this matter.  This would help in manpower, material support and raising funds to help pay those that would retire early and others retired due to conduct. Those ready to retire would be helped into other ventures, the retraining for some officers would start; and a strategy to see regional balance in UPDF and the Police to start immediately.

There would be a call for registration of fire arms after which, informers would be called upon to report those with arms and a token paid on successfully recovering the fire arm.  The Police to follow up the private security firms, get to search them and follow up to each station they deploy.  Each guard would be required to keep the gun where he guards to avoid moving with arms and misuse. 

The economy task-force would advise on a number of areas. The economy is propelled with finances from URA among other areas.  All revenue collecting units for Government shall be required to remit collections on a daily basis to the consolidated fund.  Revenue collected shall be divided on a daily basis into vote areas according to priority rating for each vote (this toad to 100%).  Preliminaries to be made into the currency exchange to get the cash people are hoarding.  A strategy to manage inflation shall be implemented.

Increased pay to various categories to be made in the short run from the savings the country will make on eliminating duplication in Government which will be by outright removal of some cadre establishments together with savings made after review of Government expenditures on defense and the Presidency as well as a reduced cabinet which will have credible professionals in respective fields (21 ministers and 21 state ministers), no Prime Minister but an Executive Vice President as was stipulated in the 1995 Constitution.

The task-force on Public service shall advise on possible reviews in pay and establishment procedures.  This will include signing new contract terms to boost performance and accountability.
The Local Government task-force shall advise on preliminaries on federal, the possible Federal states, the structures and mode of operation possible when the Federal debate takes off.

The legal issues task-force shall advise on all existing laws that are controversial and have need be amended.

The utilities task-force shall make proposals on rates that can help enterprises run undertakings competitively, say the cost of electricity.  This one will also get details of contracts made and see how feasible to adjust them.

Key players in Government contracts and procurement that may have gone wrong shall be removed from the offices they hold but will keep helping new officers with detail of the undertakings they were involved in and shall earn an allowance till the time when they are prosecuted or left free.

The task-force handling corruption and accountability shall help with reviews on the role of the Auditor General’s Office so that instead of reporting on funds Government lost, the office is able to intervene prior to the expenditures being made and staff roles to equally be spelt out to ensure that Government does not continue losing funds and, recruitment of Accountants to be made to boost the effort.

The land task-force shall equally submit its findings and recommendations to Government which will go through Parliament procedures.

Handling poverty calls for substantial investment into Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.  Technical people shall advise on how at least 3 trillion shillings in the budget can be sunk to give a big push to the mainstay of the economy.

The environment issues to be handled urgently by stopping continued encroachment on wetlands, forests among other areas.
The task-force on tourism shall submit its proposals for a boost to the sector that can be a big earner for the economy.  Proposals shall be digested by those in Government prior to budgeting for 2016/17.

Information and communication technology has procedures that are controversial. Advice on the handling of the controversies shall be got.

Uganda debt issues will be handled (the local and international).  On the local front, submissions shall be called in from all who have outstanding claim on Government.  These shall be verified by right organs and scheduled for settlement.  As for the international debt obligations, contracts shall be revisited.
A workforce on investment shall make its submission to Government on what can be done to make the investment climate a reality, which Government will get to address.

The Oil task-force shall establish the level at which developments are, revisit with Government staff the contracts and come up with recommendations.

The educations sector has a lot of controversy.  A boost into the sector will call for looking into the private education player situation.

The task-force that will handle the vulnerable children, disabled and elderly shall equally submit its proposals on the feasibility of having community intervention and its implication.

Regarding procurement by Government, all prospect tenderers shall be required to submit tender documents the same day and time and that is when the opening shall be done, and each one will have liberty to get to know the details of the competitor.

The religious affairs workforce shall advise Government on how to go about paying for projects to be implemented on religious grounds to boost morality which is badly eroded in Uganda.
With all the input by various task-forces got, the budget for 201617 shall eventually be made.

Government shall have the immediate duty and obligation to change the work culture and attitude of the people as the means to boost productivity.

Roads badly damaged by the El Niño rain shall be worked on.

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