Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Under normal circumstances, given the pressure as two top contenders seriously show that they may take his chair come May 2016, it surprises how Museveni takes them for jokers.  This is not possible if there is no hidden strategy of rigging the poll.  

Those patriotic Ugandans who see Museveni as a liability to the country must work hard to see that chances of cheating are diffused.  I do not see how billions of shillings are lost to an election already stolen.  There is no reason why Engineer Kiggundu's commission does not print out the final voter register so that people verify it; and if it has people who are not qualified to vote ( the non- Ugandans) as there are those from Sudan to mention some, then there may be some agreement on how to go about the situation.

What is seen on ground is that Museveni the candidate should be having sleepless nights as surely on ground there is all to show that people want his into retirement.

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