Thursday, 10 December 2015


1. It does not make sense to add the word 'Owekitiibwa' to the title of Katikiiro.  Whoever do it, many of whom are radio presenters do it out of ignorance.  Katikiiro is a title with all the authority and whatever you may wish, so whoever says Owekiibwa Katikiiro does it out of ignorance though he/she may think that it makes sense.

2. The title 'Owekitiibwa' is not meant to be used on every Dick and Harry.  The title is given to the Cabinet members of Buganda Parliament and the members of Buganda Parliament.  You do not get an LC III Chairperson and call him 'Owekitiibwa' nor a cabinet Minister in the Central Government.  You may note that the big men at Mengo who head Buganda undertakings are referred to as 'Mukungu' not 'Owekitiibwa'. 

3. It is absurd the misuse of the word 'Senior' to the extent that some schools are referred to as Senior Secondary Schools.  This is done out of ignorance.  There is only one Senior School in Uganda, and that is Mengo.  Schools which call themselves Senior Secondary do not know what they are talking about.  Even the saying that someone has joined 'senior secondary' does not have meaning since there is one senior school in Uganda.  I wish the schools that are making the mistake adjust accordingly.

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