Tuesday, 22 December 2015


On my birthday, October 12, 2014, when I communicated to the people of Uganda and the International community my wish to stand for President of Uganda in the 2016 elections, my greatest fear was how to get funding through following the experience of 2010 when I made a similar appeal, but was not able to receive any dollar.  I am convinced that some interests intervened and made it impossible for me to realize (physically) the funds that had been donated to boost my campaign then.  My fear was real, as up to the Nomination of Presidential candidates for the 2016 race, I had not got any information from my bank, Barclays that any funds had been received by them on my behalf given my efforts.

To answer the question: “is everything lost?”  The fact is that, I have got more determination to see my country Uganda better.  When we are dealing with people who have stood to benefit after fighting their way to power, and can use the military and the financial resources (treasury) available plus the ‘wisdom’ of the unpatriotic Ugandans, by among other things enacting laws to favour their situation, all you know is that the journey to start on getting Uganda to the Promised Land has to take a bit longer.  I find myself in a situation where I cannot be sure that any communication I can make to any person or organization out of Uganda can reach its destination, later on get response un-intercepted.

When I launched my wish to contest for President in 2016, I indicated that I needed about shs 60bn.  For those who do not understand what it takes to be a viable candidate for resident, they saw this as a big sum of money.  For a person who is not known by many (given Uganda’s population where many are rural and illiterate), it requires substantial sums of money to use all possible means to market oneself and what one wishes to do for the people.  Some of the candidates who do not make news today in the presidential race have their biggest problem being finances and not that they do not have the ideas that can take Uganda ahead.

Following the Government of Uganda’s role in making it impossible for me to realize the funding through the channel I had schemed, I am back to the drawing board, and this time I want to take 5 years to see the people of Uganda eventually guided on a journey started to get the country to the Promised land.

What I need urgently to sort is how I can organize to get funding where Uganda Government will not be able to block my efforts.  When that objective is realized, the programmes locally meant to empower the people will start.  These among others to include:
             i.            Changing the attitude of the people of Uganda towards work, to see them put much more effort in realizing better returns and general productivity at work;
           ii.            To touch the moral aspect of the people to move away from being self centered and to think and work for the betterment of all;
          iii.            To jointly fight corruption tendencies within our midst;
        iv.            To look at means of giving support to efforts of the people to produce more using better skis;
          v.            To look at the market aspect and scheme better;
        vi.            To put a side our political beliefs and instead work together to see a better Uganda with better means of survival by the population.
If programme vi) can be realized with time, it should be the basis of the structures needed to compete for political power in 2021 given life.

So, the quick answer to: “is everything lost?” It is not as there is the “Uganda Agenda 2021” spearheaded by myself which hopefully will get operationalized in the course of 2016.

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