Sunday, 20 December 2015


Those concerned with the construction/ supervision of Entebbe Expressway should do the needful to the locals who are currently inconvenienced. The passage ways (where the Expressway passes on top) cannot be conveniently used by the locals. It is the rainy season and it is almost impossible crossing the Expressway by simply crossing it from the top following the of the placement o concrete structures in the middle of the road. The passage ways were not completed in the first place, and these are supposed to allow small cars through, but they have metal structures which cannot allow the movement of vehicles, yet, due to the rains, there is too much mud and in some places water is floating. This is so within Ssisa Sub - county, Wakiso district.

The people have to pass over the concrete structures because CCCC the Chinese Construction company is not working on the passages created which used to be the routes connecting villages. 
It is incumbent upon UNRA/ Ministry o Works to make sure that these passages was are usable given the state of the development of the construction.

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