Saturday, 26 December 2015


By the beginning of 2015, I had informed the Uganda and international publics of my intention to stand for President of Uganda in 2016 using my Facebook account (William Kituuka) and blogs I have on Internet.  Day by day I was building on to show how determined I was to contest and how I would deal with different issues/situations as they arose; this is reflected on:

I least expected that the State of Uganda would intervene and make it impossible for me.  As I write, it is sad that all the effort I put into the project went to waste.  The tangible outcome of my effort would have initially been shown in the response to my appeal for fundraising having sent out hundreds if not thousands of emails to prospect donors.  It is true some of my appeals bounced back due to email interference (blockage) by the State machinery.

The lesson I have since learnt is that an opponent of the NRM Government cannot successfully use a media where Government can intervene and he/she succeeds in getting funding reach him/her even if donors do actually send the funds.  It can be remembered that despite the vehement Opposition protestations over lack of quorum in Parliament, the Anti-Terrorism (amendment) Bill 2015 was passed into law.  The Bill was passed after numerous failed attempts by the Opposition to convince the Speaker, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, to adjourn the House to allow further consultations on the contested provisions of the draft law.
However, in the same year, I thank God that two of my children graduated from Makerere University. 
I have learnt one big lesson.  I thought I was a small animal, but I am surprised that my ideas are treated as a threat by the NRM Government; otherwise they would have left me to have the funding if I was a non – issue.  2ndly, on a number of instances, the computers I have used in my communication (not less than 3) have developed technical problems mostly with the RAM due to externally generated interference meant to make communication impossible for me.  This left me to the mercy of about 8 Internet cafes where I do my communication from.
The experience in the cafes has not been easy.  It is not once or twice that all of a sudden the Internet got off as I worked.  In some of such cases, on knowing that the Internet got off due to my communication, I would just leave the café.  The most recent was on Thursday, December 24, 2015, as I was posting on Facebook: “Museveni’s most irresponsible statement in 2015”, the Internet connection got off.  My neighbor raised the matter to the owner of the place, however, shortly after, the Internet was re – connected.  This experience has gone on throughout the year.
It has not been easy bouncing at Barclays bank just to check on whether there is any credit to my account in respect of the appeal.
It is true I did not focus on fundraising locally from Uganda.  I have my reasons though equally I have got a good understanding of many of our people who have money.  For them, it takes time to be convinced that it is ‘ideas that can work’ that matter not accumulated wealth.  I may have no wealth accumulated to show, but upstairs, I have the focus on what can work for Uganda, and my problem remains how to be able to get funding through so that the State will not have a hand to interfere with such a channel.
I have had opportunity to put to the attention of the patriotic Ugandans the big likelihood of the NRM to rig the Presidential polls on the grounds that the assumed number of members they allege to have who are not real, could actually be used in enabling the duplication of voting by some people through having more than once the names of some people on the register, and that it is true some Sudanese were registered for Uganda National IDs and could easily be on the Voter Register among other non – Ugandans believed to be there, yet, also the technology promised which will eliminate double voting could have loopholes that may favour the NRM in addition to the possibility that the system could also easily fail .  What this means is that there is need to verify the so – called Kiggundu ‘final voter register’ and be able to point out the people who are believed to be non- Ugandans and those not known is localities where they appear to be included as voters, and the pointed persons should be managed by the Electoral Commission so as to avoid possible violence on the polling day.
In the final analysis, it has turned out to be a very frustrating year.  The State can really frustrate.  You can even hang yourself.  I invested in political ideas; I have not harvested anything tangible.   I pray that those who do this to me (given that it is continuous) get a worthy ‘reward’ or pay from God.
I am meanwhile regaining strength to see the struggle continue with God’s guidance.

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