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Name:                                      The Late John Chrysostom Kiwanuka
Sex:                                Male
Age:                                91 years
Date of Birth:                  27th July 1919
Date of Death:                 12th June 2010
District of Birth:               Luweero
Postal Address:                C/O St. Mary’s College Kisubi, P. O. Box 26, Kisubi.
Nationality:                     Ugandan
No. of Children:               7 one died

School                                      Years                    Achievement
St. Mary’s College Kisubi      1937 – 1940         Cambridge School Certificate &
                                                                   Makerere Admission’ Certificate
Makerere College                 1941 - 1943         Diploma in Education –Secondary
Nottingham University      1948 –June 1951     B. Sc (Maths & Geog)

1)    Nandere Primary School – 1944 – 1945
2)    Lubaga Junior Secondary School – 1946 – 1947 (transfer was meant to ease his following up of a scholarship awarded by Buganda Government to go and study for a degree in United Kingdom.
3)    St. Mary’s College Kisubi (October 1951 – 2001), after returning to Uganda and was appointed after applying to be posted there, becoming the 1st Ugandan University Graduate Teacher as per records at the Ministry of Education.
4)    Deputy Headmaster at St. Mary’s College Kisubi from 1957; last appointment as Deputy Headmaster at St. Mary’s College Kisubi was from 1969 to 1980.  The Late J C Kiwanuka retired officially from the teaching service at the end of 2001, making 50 years of active teaching at St. Mary’s College Kisubi and 58  years in the Uganda Education Service.
5)    Minister of Education in the Democratic Party (DP) Government (1960/1961).  It is noted that since there were not enough teachers to handle Higher School students, the Late J C Kiwanuka used to drive to St. Mary’s College Kisubi and most of his lessons were in evenings and at night.  At times he would teach after sessions in the National Assembly.
6)    Having been President of Uganda Teachers Association (UTA) for some 5 to 6 years until 1961 and armed with the problems that existed in the profession, and following the Lawrence Commission Report with some adjustments, the DP Government acted on:
                     i.        Improving teachers’ salaries and conditions of service;
                   ii.        They enacted the Teachers’ Pension Scheme for all teachers;
                 iii.        Equalized salaries of male and female teachers of the same grades;
                  iv.        Awarded 300 scholarships to suitable candidates in all walks of life including tailors, shoe makers, to mention some;
                    v.        Started Higher School Certificate in Girls’ Schools including Gayaza High School, Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga, and Trinity College Nabingo;
                  vi.        Some schools were given Initial Government Grants, for example Bishop SS Mukono, Kibuli SS, Christ the King Girls’ School Kalisizo, Mary Hill Girls’ School, and Kiira College Busoga.
                vii.        They enacted the Board of Governors’ Rules for Secondary Schools and Teachers’ Colleges;
               viii.        The Teachers’ Conditions of service were enacted.
President of St. Mary’s College Old Boys’ Association
1.    The Late J C Kiwanuka’s going to BritainNottingham University for a B. Sc (Mathematics & Geography) degree; having been at Makerere College was an eye opener.  They had been told that Cambridge School Certificate was useless (hence the Makerere Admission Examinations), and on going to Britain he found that Cambridge School Certificate was the door to the University.
2.    Back to Uganda and as a teacher at St. Mary’s College Kisubi, the Late J C Kiwanuka wanted to kick the door open for more admissions at Makerere, this is so as starting Higher School Certificate (HSC) was on his mind.  He had noted that there was a lot of wastage of manpower under the deliberate policy of the colonialists which did not recognize the potential of Ugandan students and saw them incapable of going degree courses at University.
3.    The Late J C Kiwanuka talked over the matter of starting Higher School Certificate (HSC) with the Late Brother Louis Chounard and Brother Oscar Rogers both former Headmasters of St. Mary’s College Kisubi.  The Brother Head teachers were very keen on the idea.
4.    While President of St. Mary’s Old Boys Association, the Executive Committee of the Association made an appointment with the Late Governor Andrew Cohen to discuss the matter.  The Governor met them, they discussed the matter and on the occasion of St. Mary’s Celebration of the 50th Anniversary, Sir Andrew Cohen broke the news that he had allowed the school to start Higher School Certificate (HSC), this was on August 19, 1956.

Was on various School Boards including:
1)    Chairman Board of Governors Trinity College Nabingo – more than 20 years;
2)    Vice Chairman of Board of Governors St. Joseph Technical Institute – more than 20 years;
3)    Chairman Management Committee of Savio & Kabojja Junior Schools – more than 20 years;
4)    Chairman Management Committee of St. Theresa Girls’ School for over 20 years;
5)    Member of Board of Governors of St. Henry’s Girls SS Buyege – 4 years;
6)    Member of Board of Governors of Uganda Martyrs High School Lubaga  - 4 years;
7)    Chairman of Board of Governors of St. Andrews SS Kasaala since it started up to 2007;
8)    Member of Board of Governors of St. Joseph Nsambya Girls SS – 3 years.
Roles while President of Uganda Teachers’ Association
UATA which later became UTA was accepted as a member of World Confederation of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP) during the Late J C Kiwanuka’s Presidency of the Association.
The Late J C Kiwanuka Excelled in teaching Mathematics
1.    The Late J C Kiwanuka excelled in teaching Mathematics.  It is important to note that his classes have had students from
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Seychelles.  He had in his hands a wide spectrum of students who included the religious, the ordinary students from many African tribes, Goan and Indian students.  And all the above had always been attracted to Makerere University, his original University.  Many professionals in Science and other disciplines are what they are partly because of the background he gave them in Mathematics. 
2.    He was a great teacher who set exemplary deeds for students and citizens of Uganda and those from outside Uganda.
3.    The Late J C Kiwanuka was once appointed by the Ministry of Education to conduct Mathematics lessons on UTV in the mid 1960s; and eventually, to teach the subject in form of a refresher course to newly recruited student pilots at Entebbe.
4.    In 1965 he was awarded a USA Government scholarship to do a sabbatical in America in view of helping to introduce new aspects in the teaching of Mathematics in Uganda.
Other roles he played:
1.    The Late J C Kiwanuka donated part of his land at home to Bamugolodde Church in Luweero.
2.    A member of Busiro Ssaza Council in the late 1950’s.
3.    R C 1 Kisubi member (Treasurer 1986 – 1996).



By William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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