Monday, 9 June 2014


It is patriotic to report a thief as that way resources may be saved.  However, before you get to report a wrong doer, you ought to make sure that your identity remains confidential and the beneficiary of your reporting should confirm that he will.

I recently got concerned about the way some fellow was misusing donor funds for the poor people of Kamuli for whom he was supposed to see  Maternity facility put up and operational.  This guy did not only go into buying and changing cars, he got some of the funds and procured Vocational training equipment as well as worked on the estate of his parents among other things.  He was able to convince the donor that because of the inflation, he was unable to complete the project.  The donor thought that he was told the truth.  He organized another round for this guy’s project.  What shocked me is to find the guy had bought a Prisma TV set which I believe is in millions and was at it again, spending as he wished.

I ended up writing to the donor requesting to better have this beneficiary supervised if the project was to achieve its objective.  I requested him to keep my communication confidential.  After taking time without hearing from the donor, I wrote to him wondering how he had not responded to my information.  The reply I got was that he had inquired from the treasurer whether I was a Board member for the organization!  In so doing, he released the name of the informer, and worse, the treasurer is a sister of the chief executive!

If one of these days I am declared dead, chances could be that the unprofessional way the donor handled the matter could be the cause.  I need your prayers.  In case you have to report a thief, take care, as you could end up losing your life.

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