Thursday, 12 June 2014


It disturbs to see an illegal LC1 Chairman charge as much as shs 100,000 to play any role in endorsing forms for registering a school, and when such money is not paid, it means the school may fail to get registered!
The Minister of Finance may know that registering nearly everything in Uganda is a bureaucratic exercise.  In the case of a school, it may start with the Health Inspector at a Sub – county who may be at liberty to charge anything from shs 100,000 just to get started on the work.  When that is done, there is the Inspector’s report from the district.  This one may charge not only the transport fee which he/she normally tells the head teacher before coming, but also for the work he has to do so as to finally come up with the report.  As if that is all, you have the NEMA person at the district.  It may be good chance that he/she does a report for you free of charge.  It tends to look like the Government of Uganda has given these people an avenue to eat and they are not touched.  Today, if you were to get to Head teachers and establish what they pay, I don’t know how many of these Government officers would remain in office.

The Minister needs to see this matter sorted.  The inspectors cannot do work if they have to charge those they inspect and you think there is sense in the inspection.

Uganda at times is a sickening country.  It needs prayers.

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