Monday, 9 June 2014


As far as I am concerned, expenditure on medals is another way of wasting scarce tax payer resources.  Today, Heroes day, as many as over 700 medal beneficiaries are what they have told us.  It is not even possible to have all the names read at once.  The project is now useless, but indeed a strategy to get tax payer money to help campaign efforts, etc.  A number of years ago, Ministry of Finance told me about the amount of money Government had spent on medals.  It was unbelievable, and indeed it looks to have turned into a money minting exercise!   It is sad.  This country under President Museveni is a big disappointment. You may be shown around a completed project, but my friend the cost can be unbelievable.  Meanwhile, the likes of NAADS cannot perform better because in all these, politics is the driving force.  When you hear President Museveni praising the UPDF in delivering inputs to farmers, you wonder since when these guys may have learnt extension services.  It is simply absurd.  And, of course, many who follow President Museveni blindly are not expected to see better beyond the allowances they earn!  The country is in debt, but the value for money in many areas is unbelievable.  People have complained about the cost of power, and figures available show that Electric Power is most expensive in Uganda, and we are busy calling investors around.  I only wish many in the NRM camp could see light at the end of the tunnel.  I repeat, President Museveni should have not gone beyond 2006.  It is sad, but his policies can no longer help Uganda and Ugandans.

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