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As we live on planet earth, we have different challenges.  Many times we see our selves suffering, but out there, some people suffer more than ourselves.  The question that comes to one's mind when things don't move the way he expects, or when he/she tends to see a lot of misfortune is: "Why me oh God?

I have had a number of challenges.  I have initiated  many things, but failed!

There was a time I tried to fund raise for Presidency of Uganda.  I did my home work.  I did not get a coin in support. I tend to believe that my opportunities were intercepted by some people as a number of emails I was using were eventually not accessible any more.  In case anybody ever ventured to support me, know it from me that not a single coin reached me!

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am presenting myself as an Independent Presidential candidate in Uganda’s forthcoming General Elections.  The support is to be able to reach the Uganda Voters so that they get to know that they can have a better future given the circumstances prevailing.  The needed funds are to be spent on among other things the following:

           1. Purchase of a 4 wheel drive vehicle to facilitate travel country wide in collecting the required signatures around the various districts of Uganda.
           2. Purchase of fuel for vehicle.
           3. Repairs and maintenance costs of the vehicle.
           4. Running adverts both in the print and electronic media.
           5. Printing out literature for distribution.
           6. Printing Posters to be distributed countrywide.
           7.  Meeting the Nomination fee
           8. Printing the manifesto copies for distribution after nomination.
           9. Paying allowances to helpers.
          10. Rent for office space countrywide.
          11. Paying for mobile phone airtime.
          12. Paying for accommodation.
          13. Purchase some computers, a printer and UPS.
          14. Purchase a Public Address system and a generator.
          15. Paying for airtime for talk shows

Given strategies that will utilize Information and Communication Technology, I am quite sure that I will be able to reach the people and have them appreciate the strategy I have to see them a happy and prosperous people in a Country Gifted by nature in the name of Uganda.

I kindly appeal to you to support my bid for the Presidency of Uganda as an Independent Candidate.  I will be launching my bid for Nomination on Sunday 3, October 2010 this will be at our home Church Ssisa, about three and a half miles from Kawuku Trading Centre (Entebbe Highway) a long Nakawuka road.  The function will be the 6th Anniversary for the death of my father, Besuel Kiwanuka.  Thereafter, I will have about 20 days to collect signatures to back my nomination from the districts of Uganda; which Nominations are scheduled for October 25, 2010.

My particulars can be accessed from the link: http://www.williamkituuka.blogspot.com/

While feedback can be through the link: http://goodgovernancepractice.webs.com/contactme.htm
My Bankers are: Cairo International Bank Ltd - Kampala
 Account: 686
 Greenland Towers
 Plot 30, Kampala Road
 P. O. Box 7052,
 Tel: +256 414 230141/230136
 Fax: +256 414 230130/6

I thank you.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka

 Not long ago, I sent out the appeal below to help efforts to get Namutamba moving.  I can assure you, there has not been positive response to it.  Instead, there are some periodicals I get to my email!
William Kituuka
C/o P. O. Box 2678,

Email: wkituuka@myself.com
Tel: +256 776 981628
       +256 706 159005

20th December 2013

Dear Sirs,


I have been involved in issues of Good Governance Practice in Uganda for 20 years and made some impact through communicating to authorities over governance practice that needed better approach, and I have blogs with the communication. I have also been involved in social issues; for instance, for 8 years, I have been in mobilization efforts for the Old Boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi and have been able to publish an electronic Magazine for at least 6 years. I now have made a resolution to turn my efforts to the development efforts of Namutamba Parish in Mityana district of Uganda. This, after it back slid as regards progress following the collapse of Namutamba Tea Estate & Dairy Farm as well as the withdraw of Government support to Namutamba Primary Teachers’ College both of which were pillars in the initial development of the locality. The support I am looking for will enable me make mobilization of the locals into Self Help Groups (SHGs) as well as funds for office operations including movement into the community with resource persons as well as helping some of the locals with planting materials and pesticides support. The area is agriculturally productive; hence people need to be empowered to work in groups and competitively to be able to see productivity boosted for the ready market in Mityana Town and beyond. The initial test of the effort will be on World Food Day which will be observed on Saturday, 18 October 2014, where the groups will have to show what they have produced in stalls and a number of visitors will be invited to participate and also buy the produce. This will pave way for serious marketing strategies which will slowly but steadily help the area to get back to its feet and realize its potential.

To-date, transport from Mityana which a distance of 12 – 15 miles to areas of Namutamba Parish is a big problem. Taxi’s are not reliable such that one is forced to use a commercial motor cycle which costs shs 7,000 or more and indeed very insecure. The locals have to buy most of the basics from Mityana town as there are no shops worth mentioning. The mobile Money transactions which have boomed in many other areas of the country are yet to be realized here such that people have to go to Mityana for the services. Reliable Medical services are available at Mityana, yet they would be readily available in the parish.
The primary school which was a pride of the area by the name of Namutamba Demonstration School has greatly declined and many of the teachers’ residences have collapsed and a number of teaching aids unavailable.

The main projected activities for 2014 are as below:

Reach out to the local authorities to inform them about the initiative.
December 2013
Get to the members of the community and inform them about the development initiative.
December 2013
Bring on board a Social worker who is experienced with Self Help Group (SHG) formation to organize the meetings with the community members for briefing.
January 2014
Get meetings with the community members to brief them about the advantages of working in groups, enhancing savings and competitiveness.
January 2014
Have (SHGs) formed
January 2014
Get group activities off ground including meeting resource / technical persons in crop and animal husbandry as well as nutrition, better health, environment management
February – March 2014
Have group activities off ground in form of crop and domestic animal enterprises in preparation for the World Food Day to be commemorated on Saturday, 18th October 2014 at Namutamba Primary Teachers’ College Play Ground.
March – September 2014
Making marketing connections to Mityana town and beyond
May onwards
Actual preparations for the activities of World Food Day and the competitions as well as inviting visitors and publicity.
September – October 2014
World Food Day activities including awarding prizes to best performers in selected areas which will include gardens and management, stall outlook, presentation in form of songs and drama.
Saturday, 18th October 2014
Evaluation of the achievements at World Food Day and the whole project.
Later part of October onwards.

Some of my works can be accessed on the links below:

Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

William Kituuka
Founder member
Namutamba Must Develop Initiative

 I made an appeal for Namutamba Demonstration School when it made 75 years as reflected on the website: http://namutambademschool.webs.com/

I did not get any positive response to this effort!!

The above are just a few efforts that have not realized any thing.  I tend to think that something is wrong, and one of these is intercepting my communication!

I keep asking.  Why me oh God?

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