Sunday, 15 June 2014



In the photo above I am trying to show the readers that as a student, I worked hard for a worthy future.  Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, it is the corrupt politicians in Uganda that killed my ambition.   For my Nursery school studies, my mother taught me basics and when I entered Primary one at Namutamba Demonstration School, I was very competitive, and I loved studies.  My former teachers who among others include Mr. Azaria Matembe and          Dr. Godfrey Njagala initiated me into serious studies, such that by the time I completed my Primary Leaving Examinations in 1973, I was able to make it as best pupil in the school hence qualified for a bursary from Mubende district for 4 years.  By then we were paying shs 650 a year at St. Mary’s College Kisubi and at least shs 450 contribution to my fees was coming from Mubende.
While at SMACK, the culture was to read hard to qualify for Makerere University, as it was seen as continuation of SMACK.  I was part of the group that used to read from 3.00am to breakfast time nearly every day, and by the time I sat for   O ‘level Examinations, I had virtually solved all problems in Abbott the Physics book and the Secondary 3 and 4 Mathematics books, and I was ready to help the weaker ones at subjects that I mastered.
Having made it successfully to working life, I found myself in a bank where one of the owners was equally a Minister in President Museveni’s Government.  These guys schemed and opened a Uganda Electricity Board Account in the bank; after all it was their bank.  They used a certain Kakooza with all identities as if he was an employee of the Board.  Much as I did not open this account, I ended up a victim when UEB asked the bank how a UEB account they were not aware of was opened in the bank.  As officer in-charge of corporate accounts then and the cash department, the bank ended up victimizing me, sent me on an indefinite suspension, and they eventually dismissed me.

Life went on after the bank.  I went into civil society activities, today, life is impossible as my communication has almost failed.  My scheming cannot take off.  I have had blogs destroyed, email interferences and communication does not make ends meet following the interference, and what I can say, the situation under President Museveni is simply hello for me.  My struggles with academic excellence are put to waste and the man does not show signs of leaving power, because, maybe there would be light at the end of the tunnel if he left.  Those of you who have not had victimization during President Museveni’s time should thank God.  Life is hard, but we continue with prayer for a brighter future.

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