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Playing Chess.  The year could have been 1973 or 1974.  The gentleman pocketing is Dr. Simon Kagugube of Centenary Bank.

Brother Anthony Kyemwa was one of the early graduates of Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts in the 1950s. This wonderful photo of a college art studio is in one of his albums. — at Makerere University.

'Br. Anthony [Kyemwa]'s art in clay at Lubaga and later taken to Makerere Art School Entrance'

Triangular Athletic Sports 1959 at St. Mary's College Kisubi

This photo could have been taken in 1976 or 1977.  This was either Secondary 3 B or 4 B at St. Mary's College Kisubi.
There is Kiwanuka Kituuka (William); Timothy Muwonge; Ngondwe; Mutambuze; Angundru; Robert Ganya; Victor Kajura, Mugagga Godfrey RIP, Mulondo Gideon, Musoke John, Cephas Birungi, Prof. Pontiano Kaleebu, Dr. Stephen Kasumba, to name some.

Brother Kyemwa with Dr. George William Mayanja RIP (on Brother Kyemwa's right) classmates at St. Mary's College Kisubi.  

Brother Kyemwa as a teacher at Bukumi in 1967

Brother Kyemwa at SMACK

[Bro Anthony Kyemwa] '1967, in front of the pantheon at the Acropolis, Athens, Greece' — at Acropolis, Athènes.

'Bro Anthony [standing second from the right] as novice with postulants - 1952' — at          St Mary's College Kisubi.

'Br. Anthony [Kyemwa] + Br. Martin RIP in Burundi. 1957'

Artwork by Br. Anthony Kyemwa.

Brother Kyemwa and his teachers at SMACK

SMACK staff team 1979

The St. Mary's College Kisubi 1st eleven Football team in 1974.  These guys were impossible.

The arch at Kisubi to welcome Pope Paul in 1969

Ngeye clan students at St. Mary's College Kisubi

HSC Class in the 1970's

It was Sept. 1969 when President Obote RIP visited St. Mary's College Kisubi
From Right to Left: Br. Anthony Kyemwa, Headmaster - Dr. Sebastian Kyalwazi , chairman B.O.G. - Dr. Obote, President) - Bro Ajuay [?], provinc[?] - Br. Rigano [?], Librarian, Eika, student librarian

SMACK H/M's car 1970 - 1980

Aerial view -  'Mt. St. Teresa in the foreground and St. Mary's College campus in the background. New buildings then had white roofs. e.g. the school chapel, the assembly hall, main library, HSC dormitories.
The Biology Lab near the library had just been re-roofed. They had constructed another water tank and a new classroom block behind the main block.'
— at St Mary's College Kisubi.

'Inside SMC Kisubi Memorial Library. Students reading'
Probably in the 70's
at St Mary's College Kisubi.

'During the holidays
Br. Michael Baranabe (with camera) and Br. Anhony Kyemwa paid a visit to St. Mary's College Kisubi student in Teso at his home.'

'President M. Obote addressing School Assembly in the Main Hall March 15, 1969 when he visited St. Mary's College Kisubi'

'Trinity College Athletes met SMC Athletes
Group photograph. The SMC Team leader Kiwanuka seated in the centre, front line. 1973'

'1969. H/M [Bro. Anthony Kyemwa] with one of the students. A Sudanese refugee at          St. Mary's College Kisubi'

Br. Kyemwa with his teachers early 1970's

'SMACK students on geography tour at Kasese Copper Mines' — in Kasese.

'The postulates with their Director in 1961. The first two on the right of the Director died later as Brothers and are buried in the Brothers' Cemetery at Mt. St. Teresa Kisubi'.

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