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In 1963, the College Chapel was built (Brother Felix was instrumental in the construction work). In the photo (a) is the Chapel after completion; (b) the plan of the Chapel and (c) the Chapel at foundation.

The Chancery Building at Lubaga was actually a class block for St. Mary's School. It was given a facelift, but inside, it still has features of the old architecture.

This is how the current Chancery Building used to look like when it was a class block for St. Mary's School before it was given a facelift.
Semanobe on the left and company played a very active role at SMACK when Brother Kafeero was Headmaster.
SMACK main building.

In the photo on the left is Father Achte and Father Moullec on right. These played very active roles in the early stages of St. Mary's School. Reverend Father Achte was by then the Provicar who was then Superior of Rubaga Parish.

Some of the tractors which worked on SMACK road in 1985.
Brother Kyemwa's staff 1974

Hon. Sebaana Kizito while Member of Parliament in 1983, intervened and raised the issue in Parliament when Bro. Kafeero who was Headmaster had been given matching by the Obote Government to leave Uganda. Next to him is Mr. Semanobe who raised good money that helped Brother Kafeero pay fees for relatives he was caring for that time.

When Brother Kafeero was expelled from Uganda, 24 hours before the D-Day of the 75 years’ Celebrations for SMACK, it was the Late Mr, Moro, Managing Director of Stirling, Honourable Ssebaana Kizito, Mr Ssemanobe (Operation’s Manager, Uganda General Merchandise Ltd), who fundraised Kenya Shillings 20,000 which helped him to pay the fees for his sister and 7 nieces and nephews, whom he used to support through offering his services as a teacher in various schools. After meeting the fees, the balance of the money helped him start off life as a refugee in Kenya.

President Museveni visited SMACK in 1987 when Brother Tinkasimire on the right was Headmaster and Hon. Ssemogerere was Minister..

Stanislaus Mugwanya (a Buganda Regent) while addressing a meeting of the Catholic Chiefs, held at the beginning of 1899, put a question before them: Don‘t you think the time has come for us to provide our young Catholics with better schooling than that which they have so far received?

The photo is of the Steering Committee top Executive Members for St. Mary's College Kisubi Centenary Celebrations in 2006. Left to right: In the photos are the top most members of the Steering Committee for SMACK 100 Celebrations under the Chairmanship of Mr. John Ntimba (1st left) and two Vice-Chairmen; that is Prof. Joseph Mukiibi (3rd) and Prof. Frederick Ssempebwa (in middle)was constituted together with 16 Sub-committees to organize the celebrations.

Students in a Chemistry Practical lesson at the school.

Students of St. Mary's College Kisubi standing in-front of the former Main Building which was put down in 1954.

The year was 1948.  The Kibaale Swimming enclosure – Nabinonya on Lake Victoria.   In the background is a man made structure (which cut off a safe region for swimming) to keep at bay the Crocodiles. 

Teachers' team during the the early 1970's.

SMACK teachers for the Charity walk 2005

Teo Nalonga (RIP), the former wife to Kaweesa who was in- charge of the school canteen and chief foreman when Bro. Kyemwa was Headmaster.

The four Brothers of Christian Instruction who came to Uganda in 1926 to take over the teaching at St. Mary's College Kisubi from the White Fathers.

Centennial Structure which was opened when SMACK marked 100 years in 2006.

The Centennial structure at St. Mary's College Kisubi - HSC dormitory.

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