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William Kituuka Kiwanuka - Lourdel House 1974 - 1979

August 23 1943, Master Gregory Wademi finished making two Eagles, which were to be placed at the base of the school flag.
The eagles were destroyed during a school strike.

 The Junior Library was donated to the school by Mr. Kamya Mukalazi an OB who is in US

 On the left is Mr. Henry Sentoogo the Patron of Cherubim Choir in the next photo
For a visitor to the school on a Sunday morning, there is one club that will never go unnoticed: the Cherubim Choir. Thanks to Mr. Henry Sentoogo the Patron.
They are a
group of young Samarians who range from Form one to Form six who have taken it upon themselves to lead the others in hymns of praise. One may wonder whether these are students or some hired Choir. Analyzing it right from the conductor to the splendid harmony produced by the mixing of different voices, no one can believe they are called Cherubim’s!
Singing hymns like Handel’s Hallelujah chorus and different pieces of other composers like Morzart, Bach, and Uganda’s own Fr. Dr. A. Okello (composer of the Acholi Mass). They are comparable to only Choirs like Christ the King Church Choir.
Through the years, the choir has been invited to various places and has been invited to various places and has always put up stunning performances. In 1998, the choir made a name when it presented Christmas Carols at State House Nakasero. In 1999 it presented the Easter Carols at Rubaga. The same year, the choir was invited to sing during mass at Rubaga on the Kampala Arch Diocese Youth Day Celebrations. The main celebrant, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala was highly impressed at the talent displayed by the Cherubim’s. He encouraged them to keep up the standard.
 Electricity was very irregular and Brother Tinkasimire as Headmaster bought a 120 kVA Generator in 1989 to solve the problem.
Brother Anthony Kyemwa is personally the Architect of the Artwork of a Life – Size Statue of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Kisubi) located in the middle of the Dormitory Quadrangle.
Brother Anthony Kyemwa is personally the Architect of the Artwork of a Life – Size Statue of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Kisubi) located in the middle of the Dormitory Quadrangle.
He put up this Artwork when he was still a student of Fine Art at Makerere University. It is a symbol of spiritual nourishment of SMACK. For this among other things, the Brother needs a big thank you.

 The Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was donated to St. Mary’s School by His Lordship Livinhac.
Mr. Mulyazaawo (left) and Basil Kiwanuka (2nd left) RIP all OBs of SMACK among others were honoured by the Pope for their contribution and role in the Catholic Church.

 Triangular Athletics (Schools involved included St. Leo’s, St. Henry’s College Kitovu and St. Mary’s College Kisubi). The year was 1959.
Trophies - achievements during various sporting activities.

The 12 lads who died in a lorry accident on 14th November 1964. In 1964, St. Mary’s College Kisubi became a Sports power. It was most unfortunate that victory brought tears to the school community 42 years ago, when on November 14, 1964, as students were returning from the Buganda Senior Cup victory match, they were mistaken for Political Agitators, hence came face to face with untimely death in a tragic accident, which claimed 12 of them, 12 miles on Entebbe Highway, where Kisubi High School is located.
The car Brother Anthony Kyemwa was using as Headmaster during the 1970's.

Mr. John Baptist Walusimbi (known as J B Walusimbi Senior in SMACK circles) joined St. Mary‘s College Kisubi in 1948 and left in 1953. While at SMACK, he was a Footballer and ardent Table Tennis Player. He headed the Kisubi College Cadet Corps (KCCC) for 2 years. Rifle shooting used to be done at Nabinoonya. He was an outstanding Marksman, which won him the College Shooting Colours. He did a Commercial Course at Kisubi. After leaving the College, he identified with the Old Boys Association, and was elected Secretary of the Association for a number of successive years. During that time he edited the Old Boy‘s Magazine then known as ―The Morning Star. Mr. Walusimbi is a Trustee of the Old Boy‘s Association (SMACKOBA).

On May 27 1940, Students voted in favour of the House system and also electing of their own prefects. In the photo from the left is Father Simon Lourdel(RIP), Stanislaus Mugwanya (RIP), Archbishop (Dr) Joseph Kiwanuka (RIP) and Joseph Kakooza (RIP).
ourdel (the Green House); was named after Father Simon Lourdel one of the first group of White Fathers (W.F) Catholic Missionary in Uganda, Mugwanya (the Red House); was named in memory of Stanislaus Mugwanya a Buganda Regent who negotiated very much for the education of the Catholic youths in Uganda, Kakooza (the Yellow House); named in memory of Joseph Kakooza the first Head Prefect when the White Brothers of Christian Instruction took over the administration in 1926 from the White Brothers and; Kiwanuka (the Blue House); is in commemoration of the appointment of the Late Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka having been the first African Bishop South of the Sahara.

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