Thursday, 7 January 2016


Following the Red Pepper & Social media stories about Christopher Aine, I get to put myself in position of a close relative o Aine, and I fail to imagine what they can be going through now.  Hopefully, the truth will get to be known with time. 
Let’s pray for the family.

As regards Aine, I find the following important:

1.      Museveni statement following the clashes in Ntungamo.

2.      The Go Forward statement regarding Uganda Police kidnap of Aine.

3.       The award by Uganda Police.

4.      Relatives confirming that picture of body is that of Aine.

Amama 'thugs' stuck a finger in a leopard’s anus - Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni has promised to personally deal with the 'thugs' who beat up his supporters in Ntungamo last Sunday.
Addressing the press at Mbale State lodge, Museveni said those 'thugs' committed a very grave mistake that they will forever regret. Museveni equated the trouble awaiting the 'thugs' to what would befall "if you put your hands in the anus of a leopard, you are in trouble"

Violent clashes erupted between independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi and pro-Museveni supporters in Ntungamo following confrontations at Kitwe in first Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni's Ruhaama constituency where Mbabazi's supporters vandalized a car pasted with Museveni's campaign posters.

News coming from the Go Forward camp indicate that Uganda Police has kidnapped Amama Mbabazi’s head of security Christopher Aine and taken him to an unknown location.
Posting on twitter, Amama Mbabazi’s Public Relations Officer Josephine Mayanja Nkangi said that Aine had been kidnapped by the Police’s ‘flying squad’ from Kyanja, in the capital Kampala.
Amama Mbabazi’s lawyer Severino Twinobusingye accuses police of illegally holding Aine and demands that he be produced before a court of law and duly charged.
The family of Christopher Aine, the missing chief of Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s private security team, is worried about his wellbeing. 
The family believes that the police is not being truthful about Aine's whereabouts and is now appealing to the police for information about their relative.
Aine’s sister told NTV that the family is now even more concerned after persistent rumours that Aine might be dead. 

The family of Christopher Aine, an aide to Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi, fears he could have died in police hands, days after Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura published a reward of shs20m for whoever gives the authorities information leading to his arrest.
The family has now put the police on the spot, arguing the bounty, a first of its kind for a minor offence of assault, could be a ploy to cover up a possible death in police hands
Relatives of the missing Go Forward Campaign’s head of security have confirmed that the picture of the dead body circulating in media is that of Mr Christopher Aine.
The picture of the decomposing body appeared January 6, 2016 evening on social media, about two weeks after Mr Aine went missing.

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