Sunday, 24 January 2016


On Sunday, January 24, 2016, I called at Kajjansi Police Station to see the officer in-charge of Traffic Police with the purpose of seeing the Officer in-charge over the CCCC trucks which work on Entebbe Expressway that are in dangerous mechanical condition (DMC).  Unfortunately, the officer I found in office told me that the boss was away and it was best that I talked to him over the issues.

I returned to the Station a few hours after.  There were a number of officers in office.  I told them that I was concerned that a number of CCCC trucks did not have number plates; some do not even have one.  To this, the response I got was that these vehicles have a number written on the front, in case of any accident, that number can be quoted!

The second issue I raised was that some of the trucks do not have head lamps, and I wondered how they could leave these given that head lamps are used by drivers at times as consent in giving way to other drivers.  It is also true that these trucks are seen on the road after 6.00 pm.  The response I got is that the trucks found after 6.00 pm are intercepted by police and are not allowed to move on.

The third concern I raise is that there is a route these trucks use connecting what is locally known as Muchange trading centre to Entebbe Highway.  The section near to the highway is so narrow that if a truck got off, the damage it is capable of causing including deaths may be great.  The response I got from the officers is that I got to the LC1 chairman, request for a letter showing the seriousness of this matter and that alternative route proposed!

The responses made my day.  They were proof that the traffic police is impotent as regards the operation of the CCCC in Uganda, and on many occasions, it was clear that the Police have to beg the Engineer in – charge over any issues to do with CCCC trucks!   


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