Wednesday, 6 January 2016


The people who at heart really love Uganda should have their main resolution this year 2016 as practically being involved in seeing Museveni leave State House peacefully after a defeat in the 2016 Presidential elections.

The reasons among others being:

1.      The old man has already reached the span where he can generate ideas that can push forward the country he has led for the last 30 years and generated an army of unemployed people due to ill advised policies where his vision to be a mighty military man has consumed all the resources that would gainfully be employed in productive undertakings that can generate wealth, and create more value for the country.  Instead he keeps resources into consumption and patronage schemes to see his continued stay in power.
2.      He has cost the country an astronomical debt which has accumulated to US $ 23bn; this follows the plunder of DRC resources by Uganda in the 1990’s.  It is only a person who does not understand the implications of this money that can vote Museveni.

3.      You need to be blind to see so many trillions in unfulfilled pledges - by late November 2013, Museveni pledges were are totaling to 817, with an estimated cost of more than Shs12.9 trillion in key areas of Infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, schools, airport, bridges, electricity and machinery,” says Mr. Odonga Otto, the then chairperson of Parliament’s Government Assurance Committee.

4.      It is unfortunate that President Museveni’s leadership has failed to abandon the guerilla ways of doing things.  30 years in power and the regime has continued to operate as if they were still doing guerilla work.

5.      While Uganda produces many professionals, because Museveni cannot pay what is worthy, the country ends up training manpower for other countries.  Every year, over 250 medical workers leave Uganda to work, mainly, in South Africa, Botswana and the United Arab Emirates, ministry of Health statistics show.  Majority of these are anesthetists, laboratory technicians, midwives and nurses. In a country where health professionals earn between Shs 400,000 for midwives and Shs 700,000 for medical doctors per month, working abroad, where remuneration is four times higher, is incredibly enticing.  For example, according to the ministry of Health statistics, in 2010, thirteen senior consultant surgeons left Uganda for Rwanda where each would earn Shs 9m monthly. In Uganda, a consultant surgeon is paid Shs 1.5m.

6.      Museveni’s ‘rich-men’ have left many deprived of land.  Many are landless as people steal from Government and buy off large chunks of land rendering many Ugandans landless and hence paupers.
7.      Museveni has failed to consider a worthy budget to the Agricultural sector which is the main stay of the country’s economy.  This is greatly responsible for the stinking poverty into which majority of Ugandans are found.
8.      With corruption official as it eats into the national budget to the tune of over shs 1 trillion, Museveni is simply resigned as regards getting a solution to the monster.
9.      The constant wars in procurement in Uganda a big failure on part of Museveni administration.  Even the printing of ballot papers has questions and the cost is allegedly inflated.  When you go to roads, it is simply pathetic.
10. Museveni played a big role in the removal of the Presidential term limits.  The reasons the country wanted the term limits and were included in the 1995 Constitution is the dilemma the country finds itself in as Museveni sees his tenure in State House as a lifelong career and the people say, he has to go.
11. It is impossible to impeach President Museveni given his infrastructure.  Uganda needs a President who will perform knowing that Parliament can vote him out.  Today, he has allocated shs 37bn to Crime preventers when the Uganda Constitution does not even know them!
12. The cost of industrial undertaking is near to impossible in Uganda.  The country has the most expensive power in East Africa.  Millers are out of business.  Instead interested buyers of Uganda grain take it before it is processed given the cost!
13. President Museveni is basically the executive and the Ministers are just stooges who cannot be blamed for failures by their Ministries.  It is no surprise that each category that gets a problem like the taxi operators, resort to State House.  Surely can he be God to perform miracles?

In a nutshell, for those who love Uganda, and have belief in a vote changing things, the number one resolution for 2016 is to see the exit of Museveni then other things will follow.

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