Sunday, 24 January 2016


I many times wonder whether some people imagine that we have to digest whatever rubbish they come out with as if we do not have the slightest common sense, as if we wasted time going to school that they are at liberty to feed is with any trash simply because they believe Museveni has to be at the whelm in Uganda whether people are fed up or not.
You need to be a big fool if not an idiot who is ‘educated’ to believe that at this moment in time, candidate Museveni can get even 60% in the polls.  Yes, we have many who have not gone to school, but surely, many are not that much of fools not to see how things are mismanaged.  Those in –charge may be at liberty to take us through a pre-determined poll, but they should know, they are fooling themselves.  Majority of Ugandans see that the economy is in a big mess.  Many are turned beggars, many are losing their land to thieves who loot the national coffers and turn round to buy villages.  Now majority know how the Government of Museveni is mismanaging their tax payer resources only to leave them this dysfunctional schools, hospitals and health facilities, many roads are impassable, and the few that have been worked on, have commission agents who have eaten into the cost and it is that idiot of a Ugandan who is ready to pay even more by granting another 5 years to Museveni, but the truth is that such people cannot make up 71% of the electorate, may they could in a stolen poll.  This is possible if:
1.      Gadgets used have pre-determined manipulation favouring Museveni;
2.      People  are threatened by the crime preventers and other security operatives;
3.      If the voter verification exercise ends up dis-favouring some people and or collapsing completely in the process.
You then wonder why countries like Uganda waste resources to finance elections which are manipulated to favour those in the seat, and eventually end up a potential time bomb for instability.
Donors, EC disagree over results gadgets
 The Electoral Commission says they have already procured results transmission kits for the February 18 polls despite a major co-sponsor for the project denying the commission funding.
The Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), which had earlier committed to support half of the Shs 9 billion procuring of Electronic Results Transmission and Dissemination System (ERTDS), pulled out citing irregularities in the procurement process of the project.
“Government of Uganda fully funds our budget. However, if a development partner decides to supplement government and provides the Electoral Commission support, it’s always welcome. What I want to confirm is that EC has already procured ERTDS,” EC spokesman Jotham Taremwa said in an interview with Daily Monitor.
In an interview with Uganda Radio Network (URN), Mads Mayerhofer, the chairperson of DGF’s Steering Committee, said their decision was prompted by EC’s cancelling of the contract that had been awarded to Cytel in favour of Avante, under suspicious circumstances.
“After careful consideration, DGF decided that the last-minute decision to change provider raised concern as to the transparency of the procurement process as well as the timely implementation of the ERTDS itself,” Ms Mayerhofer told URN.

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