Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Attention Dr. Charles Mbire of MTN and Mr. Godfrey Mutabazi, the Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

I have in the past had at least 3 computers collapse due to interference with my communication, one of these a desk top and the other laptops.  I had decided not to buy a smart phone with the fear that the same would happen with them.  I decided to acquire one, and I was surprised that my MTN no. 0776 981628 could not access Facebook.  The system was giving me a response as wrong password!  I was forced to change the password from an Internet cafĂ©, but still I could not access my Facebook account (William Kituuka).  I then called upon some other person to enter the details of his Facebook account; it opened.

I wish to get assistance from both of you gentlemen.  I am in the process of procuring a 3rd laptop following the damage to the two I have used in the purpose, and I will not use this one on Internet!  When I was still using a modem on a computer, the moment I would open my Facebook account or email, the units would be consumed instantly!  All this goes on in Uganda.

I must tell you, I am not happy with this development.  It is unfair and very expensive.  How do I maintain a smart phone when I cannot use it as I would wish? 
I want to assure you, no single persecution will change my love for Uganda.  I love my country and I am ready to die for it.  The ball is in your court.  You are at liberty to have your establishments practice injustice on me, but it will not change my value judgment as regards the bad politics in Uganda.  I have really suffered in this regime to the extent that at times I am reduced to a near beggar because all my missions out of which I would get a coin are interfered with, some are blocked name it.  Instead of blocking my communication and killing my computers, why don’t you get people who can counter the truth I tell Ugandans? 

I pray that you work on my problem to enable me to communicate because I am some body.  If I were an idiot, I would not have managed to make 10 publications on one of the famous schools and my former school: St. Mary’s College Kisubi.

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