Wednesday, 6 January 2016


The New Year 2016 may only be a happy one for Ugandans when we get to do proper value judgment.  It is the election year, and the NRM is greatly focused on holding and retaining power at all cost! Those people who get extra excited over developments must apply value judgment appropriately.

The NRM is not rooted on a clean foundation.  Out of desperateness anything can be done to ensure that they do not lose power.  We have our dear youth, many unemployed, many wishing to get rich soon, all these are likely cadres that may be exploited and some unfortunately will lose lives.  We were saddened and are still in shock over the number of people allegedly to have drowned in Entebbe.

Ugandans need to have foresight to make the right judgments in times when a lot of evil drives Uganda’s politics.

Otherwise, I wish all peace loving Ugandans a Happy 2016, and it will be great if Museveni becomes history.

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