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The 2009 Buganda riots had not been organized but were destructive.  This time round, the electorate who believe that the NRM Government will do whatever is possible to suppress the will of the people are ready to fight it out.

The Buganda riots were a Buganda (tribal) affair.  The wish for CHANGE is a Uganda affair.  Many statements have been made not only by Candidate Museveni saying that he is not ready to give power to opposition.  These have been complimented by statements by a number of people in authority in Uganda.
This communication is therefore to put the matter straight to the international community so that the situation is saved before it gets out of hand.  The people of Uganda are ready for whatever happens, it is a life or death affair should the NRM infrastructure tamper with the votes.

The NRM Government has recruited thousands of ‘Crime Preventers’ who otherwise would not be called for if the elections were to be expected to be free and fair.  Because NRM fore sees possible eruption by the people given the preferred outcome of the election which stands at 71% in favour of their candidate Museveni, they have organized in advance and provided a budget of Ushs 37bn to cater for the operations of the illegal crime preventers who they imagine will help contain the situation.

It will not help to start organizing intervention when the lives of Ugandans are gone.

I cannot leave power to wolves, says Museveni

President Museveni has said he is not ready to hand over power to the Opposition leaders because they are like wolves ready to tear Uganda apart.  Speaking in a mixture of Runyankore and English, Mr Museveni said the Opposition has failed to give alternatives for wealth creation but only oppose what the NRM does.
“The Opposition are like wolves lurking around to tear Uganda apart. I will not allow them because I have support of the majority of Ugandans and my army. Why can’t they tell Ugandans alternatives on wealth creation instead of preaching the gospel that I must leave power? If I go, will you get out of poverty?” Mr Museveni charged before adding: “I will not give them chance,” he added.
Museveni: I can go, but I won’t hand over to Amama
President Museveni yesterday said he will hand over power if defeated in the general elections next February, but not to people who do not have a mission or targets such as FDC presidential flag bearer Kizza Besigye.
Addressing journalists at Arua state lodge, the incumbent said he will not lack what to do if he is not president.
“I have got my job. I am a cattle keeper,” said the NRM presidential candidate, who is seeking a fifth elective term in office to take his total tenure as president to 35 years.
Museveni has previously said that he will not hand over power to anyone who has no vision of where the country should go. Yesterday, he dwelt on the same topic, saying he would not abandon Uganda to people without a mission.
“If these fellows like Besigye, if I was sure that they would have those targets, maybe I would say OK, let them continue. But they don’t have those targets. Even when I am in charge, you find them doing their own different things. So, how can I abandon Uganda to people who have no mission?” he asked.
Addressing a public rally in Kabale in January this year, Museveni described the opposition as “emishega” (wolves) whom he could not entrust with power.

Museveni won't handover power, says Ugandan academic

A law professor at Makerere University Oloka-Onyango has said that long-time time President Yoweri Museveni would not handover power if he is defeated in the upcoming 2016 election.
The Daily Monitor quoted the academic as saying the opposition parties, particularly the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) led by  Kizza Besigye, and Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi stood a good chance of winning the elections next year, but it would be futile because the country would be led  into a bloodbath as Museveni’s ruling party the NRM unleashes violence.
“I do not believe that any opposition candidate in Uganda today can win this election, which is highly in favour of the incumbency… [If that happens], then you will have chaos or a military coup,” Prof Oloka-Onyango was quoted saying.

So Police IGP Kale says his NRM mafia will not hand over power to us the opposition when we win elections on Feb 18, 2016, my sympathies to him. Power is sweet and intoxicating to many.  But he will live to regret that statement all his life.  He wants to arm and endanger the few so called crime preventers in villages? Has he got capacity to protect them against the masses when they rise up to protect their vote or hard won power or both? The Crime Preventers (CPs) are already merely few floating elements in the sea of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC's) Power 10 vote protectors.  And then even Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda says that they will not hand over power to us if elections are rigged, surely by whom? Does the opposition have the capacity to rig elections in Uganda? Would that be after Court or what? Yes, I hope they know that they have now set the stage for confrontation. Why would they expect us to accept the same elections if they rig it?
And then Kayihura disturbs my self-imposed apolitical discipline (of a few days) with this: “We shall not hand over power to the opposition to destabilize the peace which we fought for...We are going to change you from having sticks to rifles...The constitution gives police powers to protect the nation in case there is war and I want you to get prepared for this...,” he said - at the passing out of crime preventers.
How is anyone expected to remain in silent reverie after reading these remarks?
Joseph Kamugisha : It's a matter of time and when that time comes, Kayihura and his militants will have to give way for freedom to take course and prevail. Once upon a time, Gadafi, Mobutu, Bikassa, Mubarak, Sadam and many others, had what they thought were personal armies. But... . That is what Kayihura and his boss needs to sink in their milky heads.

Why Museveni needs 'crime preventers'

Officially, the thousands of so-called crime preventers being passed out by President Museveni and police chief Kale Kayihura across the country are an effort by the police to fight crime.
However, the timing, the people behind it and the sheer numbers being recruited has raised concerns that this could be a well-orchestrated political scheme to help the incumbent win next year’s elections.
Writing in his weekly column in The Independent magazine recently, Andrew Mwenda, its owner, described crime preventers as Kayihura’s brilliant idea to use police resources to mobilize for President Museveni and destabilize the opposition. Reagan Okumu, an FDC Member of Parliament for Aswa county, recently told parliament that crime preventers were campaigning for NRM and intimidating supporters of other parties.
Indeed, many crime preventers we have interviewed claim they are NRM supporters and fondly referred to President Museveni as ‘Mzee’, a reference commonly used by NRM cadres.

Go hang- Kayihura tells off critics on crime preventers

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura, has told critics of the increasing recruitment of crime preventers to go hang.
Gen Kale Kayihura said police will continue to recruit crime preventers regardless of consistent criticism from people he described as political opportunists.
“I am tired of people vulgarising the concept of crime preventers. It is not the first of its kind in the world and they are not militia groups. We shall not stop recruiting crime preventers. You can hang, if you are ignorant over their importance,” said Gen Kayihura at a two-day police sports gala at Sebei College, Tegeres in Kapchorwa District at the weekend.

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