Friday, 4 March 2016


Common sense dictates that: if Uganda’s Electoral Commission did not tally the figures on the Results Declaration Forms per Polling Centre with those of the  Biometric Voter Verification System (BVVS), then the results CANNOT be varied at all.

The (BVVS) machines were brought for a purpose.  Those who may have schemed their pre-determined election results took all of us for fools.  Unfortunately we are not.

The Presidential Poll results can only be varied if the electoral commission can clearly show the people of Uganda how they used the information by the (BVVS) otherwise, it does not make any sense even to take any case to court.  It is a matter of common sense that if the results by the (BVVS) were not used then the billions spent on them did not serve a purpose, as this clearly gave opportunity to have the vote stuffing.

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