Tuesday, 29 March 2016


As the world awaits the ruling in the Petition by Hon. Amama Mbabazi due Thursday, 31st March 2016, what is important is whether the judges of the Supreme Court will be able to defend the integrity of Uganda, or make such a ruling to inform us that surely, irregularities were there, but they were not significant enough to affect the outcome.
Uganda during Museveni’s leadership has had morality greatly compromised to the extent that many people within the system cannot be ashamed of their works as long as they help the system however rotten it is to go on.

We are aware of the multiple irregularities that went on during the February 2016 Presidential elections.  It is the summation of these irregularities that the Supreme Court has to address.  These among others included the turning off of the social media, the removal of mobile money facilities without warning to the general public, the failure by the electoral commission to deliver polling materials in time to the extent that in some places these were delivered by 1.00 pm.  The Electoral commission failed in its cardinal duty to instruct the Polling Station officers to ensure that the balancing as by the Biometric Voter verification machines balances with the number of valid votes as added to the invalid votes.  This balance rules out the possibility of tampering with the results in what is commonly known as voter staffing.

So, if the heroic announcement is made by the Supreme Court judges, this will be a new chapter in the politics of Uganda.  And, to many it will be a miracle, because people expect that the judges being appointees of Museveni, they cannot be credible enough to make a judgment that does not favour the incumbent, yet it is such a judgment that will begin a new chapter in Uganda.  The country cannot keep on being derailed by a few opportunists when people with integrity look on; and there is the general belief that the Supreme court judges will uphold the integrity expected of the Learned Friends they are to give a new start to Uganda which is deteriorating as a few opportunists struggle to keep their daily bread.

So, all in all, there is the expectation of the unbelievable to happen that the Supreme court will nullify the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections, give new guidelines to guide the flow of things with the emphasis being that as long as there is consensus at the Polling station before the Declaration forms are signed, the eventual signing should stand such that the returning officer at the district simply gets these results as submitted and remits them to the electoral commission, and that each candidate should have his copies of the declaration forms from each of the polling station whether he was represented or not. And for the sake of emphasis, the Biometric Verification machines should generate  a figure equal to the tallies made by the representatives of the candidates as well as the sum of the valid and invalid votes at each polling station.

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