Monday, 21 March 2016


 A gentleman referred to as John is greatly responsible for the works along Muchanga - bweya - Kajjansi Airstrip road.
In the photo, he has planted Eucalyptus trees which are not required in a swamp of the type he has planted them.
The trees in the past fell on electric wires and many households suffered the consequences. 

 Reclaimed land where John has put his clay works

Reclaimed land in the swamp where John goes on with his works

There has been official communication to NEMA to do something about the works of a man called John who has encroached on the swamp along Bweya road before you get to Entebbe Airstrip.

It is unfortunate to see the abuse of the environment go on while the authorities do not do a thing about it.

This swamp land is being utilized for the works of a bricks factory which mostly makes maxpans.

The 1st image shows how the same man has planted Eucalyptus trees which are known for draining swamps. The same trees are a real havoc in case it rains heavily, the chances that these trees fall on power lines are many, and it has been witnessed before.

Hopefully, those in authority, if they love Uganda will ensure that this man's activities are put to a halt.

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