Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I have recently been to the passport office at Kampala and could not believe the exodus of youth in need of travel documents.

Many of these youth are graduates of our schools, unfortunately, the have not had a hands on experience or touch on enterprises which could make their lives better without having to dream of getting some job outside Uganda.

When you image the amount of money these youth are to invest into their travel and related logistics you find that such an amount which may be in the region of shs 5m or more could help them start comfortably some enterprise locally.

it is our schools more so the secondary ones that can help these students.

if a child gets used to managing layers chicken at school, there is no reason why such a child cannot venture into managing layers for a livelihood.

One zero grazing cow at school fed by children can give them the necessary knowledge on managing such a cow for profits.

I for one learnt managing a tomato garden at primary school. I do not see why schools that may afford to get some little land cannot venture into practically getting the children manage this type enterprise.

Lastly, it is cheaper for a school to organize driving lessons for children who are 18 years and above. It is expensive learning to drive through commercial schools, yet today vehicles are common and a child could have chances of getting a job enhanced if he/she has the driving skill. 
Management of chicken at school when children get involved in the feeding, picking ages and cleaning is a skill they can easily take home to manage on their own.
 There is no reason why secondary schools cannot have cars which students can use to learn the driving skill

 A well managed tomato garden could give children the insight into running the enterprise profitably.

 Zero grazing cattle could be managed at school

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