Friday, 4 March 2016

WhatsApp an Innovation to embrace for Development.

The Least Developed Countries have one great advantage. While they still lag behind in technological innovations, at least their members can copy and use the technology as developed elsewhere.
WhatsApp is that type of technology, unfortunately, when it is misused ...
This technology has one great advantage of instantly communicating to a group that shares a certain interest and very cheaply.
A case in point is our progressive farmers who may need to know information that may range from: Prices of Farm inputs, the specific chemicals to apply (when and how), the markets and market prices to mention but a few. In Uganda, the use of this technology can greatly help farmers and one technical person many serve so many at a time.
It is also possible to remit Tips to Head teachers on say Careers & Guidance which information may then be relayed to students.
WhatsApp can greatly be used as a mobilizing tool for the Old Students of any school, and discussions may easily be undertaken without the need to hold official meetings.
How to overcome abuse of WhatsApp:
It is best to have at least 2 sets of phones such that at odd hours, the one with WhatsApp is switched off. One can also do away with those who may have bogus intentions.
Otherwise, in case you have not embraced WhatsApp, you are part of our past.

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