Sunday, 12 March 2023


It is a miracle that I am alive given my circumstances for the past 13 years.

In 2010 I started on my fundraising efforts not knowing that it is other people and not myself who were to benefit.

Over the 13 years now, through my frustration, there are people who have comforted me and enabled me to live decently, this against the background that all the money I raised over the past 13 years ended up in the hands of those who see themselves entitled in Uganda.

I have for that long, 13 years now tried project after project. Having failed to get the proceeds of my fundraising in 2010, I tried again in 2015. I was not allowed to access anything from the proceeds of my fundraising. In 2020, I was again at it. It was the same story, and late 2021, I fundraised for Namutamba, but in all the 4 fundraising (s), I have not accessed a coin.

I many times fail to get to terms why some people could do this to me. You see, all of us have to expire at one moment in time. What makes a person wish to take hold of what belongs to others as if he or she is here on earth for long? Why is it that people cannot approach those in the know so that they are helped to raise funds in a correct way instead of fraudulently accessing what belongs to others.

I am sympathetic to people who have taken my money since 2010. Life cannot be the same simply because God is to punish them as He may wish for those He is yet to punish.

Ugandans, why don’t we do business in a civilized way? Are we under jangle law? It is not being strategic taking resources when you know very well that the funds have been fraudulently accessed. Chances of that money being responsible for bad luck to follow you are 100%. Why on other would anybody steal money of a person he or she does not know?

Once again, I take this opportunity to thank those people who on seeing my suffering decided to see to my comfort. May God reward them abundantly.


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