Monday, 13 March 2023


But why would you put me through the suffering I have to endure following my own efforts?

Soon or later, your sin will catch up with you. Stop this business of seeing your self connected, entitled whatever it is.

There is the law as well as Religious guidance in all we have to do.

Just be sure: Your sin will catch up with you soon.

My fundraising efforts from 2010 to 2023 where I have not been able to access a coin are listed below:





5. Namutamba Parish Local Economic Development Model.


If only some people had not shared the monies I received in my fundraising appeals for President in 2010 and 2015, Namutamba Parish where I grew up would be a Centre of Excellence. 

1. Namutamba Demonstration School would already be back to one of the leading schools in Uganda.

2. Namutamba would be popular for growing Organic food.

3. Namutamba would be getting local and foreign tourists in hundreds every week.

4. Namutamba cattle farmers would slowly be changing from having large herds to small zero grazing cattle with high returns.

5. Namutamba would be having tarmac roads linking many places.

6. Namutamba motorists would be having a reliable fuel station in the area.

7. Residents of Namutamba and its hinterland would no longer have to go to Mityana for their shopping, they would get 95% of their needs in Namutamba.

8. There would be extension agents virtually in all villages of Namutamba and organized marketing channels of the agricultural produce.

9. Namutamba Parish would boost of a Healthy Centre IV and expanding with services including: Ambulances; Surgery; Maternity; Eye-care; Dental and Primary Healthcare Services to mention some.

10. There would be at least one Demonstration Farm in each of the village of Namutamba Parish.

11. We would have a sports playground with prospects of being very competitive in Uganda.

12. We would try as much as possible to get people to work and change their wasted time in unproductive politics of parties to income generation.

13. We would by now be supporting Religious Organizations in their roles to promote morality which is the greatest problem of Uganda.

14. We would be sponsoring youth to train in vocational skills where such training is available and these would come back to Namutamba to boost the local economic development.

You cannot believe, this plan has not taken off. It is now 12 years simply because of the moral decay, impunity and love for free things by those who are connected.

Some of us have practical ideas and means to execute them, but we have people who think that they know a lot. Others use all sorts of unviable reasons to take what is due to the likes of myself.

We are poor because we have some people with primitive thinking. Those who undertake primitive accumulation of wealth. 

If only God can intervene and I recover funds that were stolen by the so - called connected people, I can assure you, Namutamba Parish will turn into the Mecca of Uganda.

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