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                                    Kajjansi Trading Centre
                                    8 miles Entebbe Highway
                                    P. O. Box 2678, Kampala

CONTACT PERSON         : Willy Kituuka – Chairman     


PROPOSAL AREA           : Wakiso District – (Kajjansi)

PROPOSAL TARGET        : 6 Secondary Schools at Kajjansi
                                     Trading Centre

PROPOSAL AMOUNT              : Ug Shs 16,000,000


Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) is making an innovation into a new initiative which currently is not in practice in Uganda schools by the name of GOOD GOVERNANCE TRAINING as a measure to start the building of a strong Civil Society from school level.  When the project takes off in 5 secondary schools at Kajjansi Trading Centre (8miles Entebbe Highway) Wakiso District, it is anticipated that the current non-involvement of local people (including students) in policy, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of what is to affect them, that is; What is to be done, Why it is to be done, and How it is to be done, hence the neglected lever of change towards combating the mismanagement of public funds and affairs, corruption and abuse of power, lack of reinforcement of accountability because the local society don’t know that it is their right to access information and through involvement in decision making to improve the local government service delivery, will gradually change.  This status quo will slowly become history as students will get to learn their civic rights and duties in society.

Good Governance Training will help students understand their inalienable rights, social accountability, what corruption is and how to counter it, participatory governance, decentralization, issues concerning democracy, competitive elections, rule of law, freedom of expression hence communication.

The project shall be supervised by 10 Facilitators/trainers from GOGOP who will meet a number of times in the course of the week to reflect on what is to be taught to the students on each Saturday of the week where 2 hours shall be spent with the students with each hour facilitated by a different facilitator.  The participating schools are to include: Kitende Secondary School ; Salvation College ; St. Paul Sec. School ; Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi Sec. School and New High Tech Sec. School .  We shall talk to students mostly for Senior Five and Three and be able to sample about 50 of them who will be able to attend the training schedules on every Saturday consecutively for 6 months effective March 7, 2009.

Students shall be expected to agree to the time when the sessions shall be scheduled to start and to provide their own books as well as pens for the training.  The project shall provide paper for the Homework/Research assignments which students shall be expected to respond to religiously. The students shall be encouraged to compete as there shall be monetary rewards for the best overall 50 students (out of about 250 student participants) as well as certificates awarded. 

2.   Organisational Background and biographical Information on the staff and directors
Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) is a direct result of the need to disseminate programmes as initiated by Municipal Development Partnership for Eastern and Southern (MDP – ESA) together with the World Bank Institute (WBI).  MDP – ESA is behind the Africa Good Governance program previously on the Radio Waves which is divided into 4 parts:
                                                              i.            Governing Municipalities without Corruption
                                                             ii.            Civic Participation for Good Governance
                                                           iii.            Municipal Finance – Part 1
                                                          iv.            Municipal Finance –“Participatory Budgeting” – Part 2

The Program on Radio waves closed in 2007 and the beneficiary countries included Ghana, Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda and Zimbabwe. Willy Kituuka – Chairman (GOGOP) was participant to the Africa Good Governance Program on the Radio Waves and he had the drive to see the above programs disseminated to the local communities in Uganda hence the Registration of Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) a Civil Society Organization early 2008.

GOGOP is also involved in various interventions for example advising the members of the public on various strategies given people’s ills.  It is also involved in making public ills addressed for the attention of Local Government leaders on issues of security, people’s welfare and infrastructure.

3.1 A Complete Project Description
3.11       Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) shall get to agree with school administration for the beneficiary school so that an opportunity is extended to meet senior three and five students and explain the programme to them after which at least 50 students will be registered and shall be given letters to take home regarding the programme.  This will be a one day event in each of the schools though to be undertaken on different days in each school.

3.12       Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) shall effectively start the training on 7th March; with each Saturday having 2 hours where each hour shall be facilitated by a different Facilitator and  then Homework Assignments given which are to be handed in the following Saturday.

3.13       In the course of the week, the Facilitators shall have to be guided on how to handle the following session so that an excellent work is done.  Teaching Aids shall be organized and relevant examples to making the learning experience interesting to the students.

3.14       The response and performance of the students in Homework given shall be one of the indicators that they are taking interest as well as the feedback they get from interacting with various personalities as shall be required of them given the exercises they will have been given.

3.15       The facilitators shall make an analysis of the performance of the students from the assignments as given and how well the students will have done them such that appropriate grading is done which shall be put on the certificates they will be given on completion of the training as well as sampling those who will have excelled who will qualify for monetary rewards.

3.2 The statement of the project Objectives is:
“To help in the evolution of a strong Civil Society at an early stage when the students are encouraged to join Good Governance Training in which not only will they learn about their inalienable rights, social accountability, corruption and its ills in society, issues of democracy, competitive elections, rule of law, freedom of expression, so that on leaving school they are well armed to ensure that Good Governance Practice is the order of the day in their communities, and where leaders default, they can stand up to question them.”

3.40                 Description of Anticipated Results

3.41                   While still at school, students are to be induced into a new culture of active participation in society which will lead to the eventual development of true democratic processes and accessing higher rates of resource acquisition and use, better results, higher levels of volunteerism and a brighter community spirit.  In other words, they will be encouraged into participation in matters concerning them which can be summed up as an empowered community.

3.42                   Students are to change from passive involvement to intensive action oriented participation in their communities.  And it is true, active community participation is the key to building an empowered community.  This way, one can expect the students to get involved in community decisions making and also in spreading the ‘gospel’ to members of their communities that they should all be involved in matters concerning them and not wait for decisions from above.

3.43                   Students will get to know their democratic and inalienable rights and as such shall not be subject to manipulation.  They will know that they can at all times stand and defend these rights as they are entitled to them.  And, they will be encouraged to educate fellow members of their communities.

3.44                   Students will be a pillar in their communities that will help in holding local government leaders in their communities accountable to deliver services to them with efficiency.  They will help other members of their communities in ensuring that policies and development programmes are adequately disseminated to the grass root communities through active participation in the interventions.

3.45                   Students shall be expected to give a feed back on their practical work in their communities after each holiday time to ensure that they become active players in the anticipated changes in their communities.

3.46                   Students will be a key in the reach out to the local leaders to ensure that local leaders are encouraged and educated not to exclude or ignore the local population in the decision making processes.

3.47                   While students will be expected to be active players in matters of their communities in totality, they are seen as a pillar of change in society to have proper education about what is expected of them as useful citizens in their localities.

3.   A Description of the methods to be used to evaluate the project in relation to its objectives
GOGOP shall evaluate Good Governance Training through the following measures.
5.1                        Students’ experiences of how community matters are approached in their local communities – which experiences shall be documented by the students and availed to the GOGOP staff.
5.2                        Individual student documented practices in own community regarding dissemination of what they will have learnt.
5.3                        Assignments and how well the students will respond to them a reflection of interest gained and possible ability to disseminate what they will have learnt.
5.4                        Individual student remarks as regards the training and how he/she sees himself/herself help better his/her community given what is on ground there.
5.5                        The evaluation of the Facilitators not only when in class but also from the assignments given and how well students perform.

 The Budget
Allowance for 10 Facilitators/staff members who will be responsible for the project each 200,000/- per month for 6 months.

Teaching Aids
There shall be some Teaching Aids that shall be printed to help the facilitators illustrate better to the trainees.

Stationery – Ruled paper reams
Ruled paper at least 1 ream per weekend for Homework (2 sheets of paper per student) for 26 Saturdays, a total of 30 reams @10,000/-

Chalk, staplers, staples (stationery)

Rewards and Awards:
Awards shall be given to all participating students (a long as they have done the Homework) at least a Certificate.  The excelling 10 students per school to be given a monetary reward each.


Total Budget

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