Friday, 5 April 2013


I welcome you to yet another exciting annual account of CIDI’s activities implemented in the financial year 2008/9. I take this opportunity to commend all the CIDI staff for their commitment and enthusiasm in delivering the much needed services to those in need in the different parts of Uganda.

In a special way, I extend my humble and sincere thanks to all our donors, partners and local government who have time and again supported our activities aimed at tackling poverty at household levels. It is suffice to note that, due to the global financial crisis this year brought with it numerous challenges for CIDI which however, through concerted efforts, we were able to overcome. I am also very grateful to all the people and organizations with whom; we have shared a wealth of experiences and knowledge during this financial year. Without you, CIDI would have nothing positive to report.

Highlights of the year include the launch of our sustainable agriculture programmes in Rakai, Lira, Amuria and Soroti districts. While on the other hand, we have consolidated on our previous achievements in a number of other projects.

We have also managed to install full time Internet connections and purchased office equipment including computers for all our regional offices thereby making access to information and communication with the head office and other stakeholders easy.

On behalf of all staff, I thank the CIDI Board of Directors for having so ably given us guidance that enabled us go through this highly challenging period.

Finally, I envisage this forth coming year as a year of more opportunities whereby CIDI is responding to the outcry of the poor and voiceless. We believe that through our integrated initiatives we are to empower many people in the different parts of Uganda to be pro- active in improving their lives.

I thank you for your precious time and I have no reservations that you will find this publication not only informative but educative too.

Dr. Fulgensio Jjuuko
Executive Director

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