Thursday, 17 April 2014


I listened to CBS 98.2 FM Programme by Meddie Nsereko between 7.00 – 9.00pm, Wednesday, 2014 during which Hon. Muwanga said that a Generator for registration exercise has been quoted at shs 48m!  This is ridiculous!  Why doesn’t the Auditor General get involved before the people of Uganda are cheated of so much money.  The type of work being talked about requires a generator which may not be more than shs 3m.
One of the people recruited in the exercise says that the pay of an enrollment officer is shs 450,000 per month, yet there is tax and no lunch or transport.  And in the field, one laptop is available per Sub – county.  The equipment like the scanner for documents keep breaking down.  A day at least 25 people should be registered!

I for one think this exercise be stopped and a review made as many issues need to be sorted.

The whole exercise has a lot of loop holes.  It would have been better to have some existing Voter Register to be cleaned instead of taking people through a very badly planned exercise.  Around Kajjansi area, what is talked about is the rotation by the people who are registering.  The Chairman of one LC I said that the registering group was bound to come to his area after moving to some other 3 or so areas with a duration of about 5 days in each.  This is likely to lead to real confusion and leaving out some people who qualify for registration.  In addition, it is said that the computer being used around Kajjansi was found to have a virus, which is unbelievable.  At least all computers for use in the registration purposes should have 1st been installed with a viable anti – virus and updated with strict instructions to users to avoid erasing of data in-put.

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