Friday, 18 April 2014


Every serious person in Uganda should be concerned about counterfeits on Uganda market.  Just yesterday someone went to buy staple wire and only realized that while he normally buys “Great Wall”, he had actually bought “Great Hall.”  This he realized after he had long moved from the place he had bought the staples.  Those in the construction industry say that it is extremely difficult to identify the fake goods on the market.  Someone was working on the roof to block the leakages due to nails only to find that the chemical he thought would serve the purpose was actually fake.  Those in the production of agricultural products are equally complaining, the same to those in the animal husbandry sector.

The magnitude of this problem is so great.  We have seen houses get on fire with the reason being poor wires used in the wiring of the houses.  The way forward is for Government to get its organs active in getting the counterfeits / fake goods out of Uganda market.

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