Friday, 18 April 2014


At Easter, we remember how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for our sins. In Uganda, many continue to sin against the people, not only through corrupt practices and direct stealing of public funds, but also in legislation and other practices which feature in recruitment of manpower. Just a few days’ ago, someone told me how he had got a job simply because of his connection to one of the Government infrastructure. Another told me how someone had used his influence to recruit relatives into jobs where he has influence but told them never to show that they know him at all when they get to work.

If we confess that we are Christians and that Christ died for our sins, why is it that we keep on with direct sinning? It is absurd. Uganda is one country where you cannot be sure of even being shortlisted for a job you qualify well for. There is too much politicking, so much connections, and that cover – up that a job was after all advertised, when in actual fact the one to take up the job was waiting. When we are party to all this evil, we need to know that it is for these sins that Jesus died for us on the cross, and hence we should change and do things the right way.

Happy Blessed Easter.

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