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Museveni's Lubengo fan is dead
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni carrying a grinding stone (Olubengo) at Nyenga Sub-County, Mukono District. He was on his second and last campaign tour of the district. He was given the lubengo by LC3 chairman Sam Kitaka, as a sign of how he will run the country if voted into power. Left is Kisamba Mugerwa one of Musevenis campaign managers.
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Sam Peter Kitaka (83) is a former LC III Chairman of Nyenga Sub – county.  He was a lover of Museveni and would sing praises for him.  Kitaka’s played a big role in the burial of his younger brother Jimmy who died last year and had been the Manager of the Agricultural Show Ground.  Kitaka senior took a lot of time talking about his dead brother and little did we know that we were not to get Kitaka talk so much.  He was actually saying bye bye to us!

I came to know Peter Kitaka around 1985 when I was posted Uganda Commercial Bank Jinja Main.  I met Jimmy who was teaching in Jinja and some how came in touch with his brother Peter.  Kitaka senior was by then staying in Rippon Gardens and he was a very active social man.

It is a very great loss to the Kitaka family.  It is sad that many children are out of the country.  Sam Kitaka will be buried on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
It is sad this loss.  We are to greatly miss this jolly man.

May his soul rest in peace

Kitaka carries a stone for Museveni
Publish Date: Oct 30, 2010

By John Semakula

SAM Peter Kitaka, 65, came into the limelight during the 1996 presidential campaigns when he carried a grinding stone and placed it on President Yoweri Museveni’s head at Nyenga sub county headquarters in Buikwe.

In so doing, he was declaring Museveni as the most suitable candidate to carry Uganda’s burdens. Since then, Kitaka became prominent in the party circles and in his area.

Today when he persuades you to support President Museveni, you may think that he has a big job in government.

When Museveni and his colleagues invaded Uganda from Tanzania late in 1972, Kitaka wholeheartedly supported Museveni.

Kitaka didn’t give any financial support to Museveni when he was fighting Amin although he would have loved to. He was afraid because he came from Bulumagi, Buikwe, where Brig. Ali Fadul, who was a prominent soldier in Amin’s government, also hailed.

He said that if Fadhul had learnt that he supported Museveni, he would have killed him. In 1986 when Museveni overthrew Tito Okello’s government, Kitaka was very happy and was one of the first people to embrace the NRM government.

He soon got various positions of leadership at the sub-county and at the district levels in Mukono. In the early 1990s, he was one of the local leaders who supported decentralization.

During the 1996 elections, Kitaka was the LC3 chairman Nyenga sub-county.

At the scene where Museveni carried the stone, Kitaka and his colleagues have mounted a monument in remembrance of what happened there.

Several prominent NRM supporters regularly visit the monument, which is the only one mounted by civilians for President Museveni in Uganda.


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