Friday, 4 April 2014


Why do we fear death when we surely have to die as long as we are living things?  The best is that each of us should be ready for his/her death.  I learnt a lot as I witnessed my friend the Late Brother (Dr) Cosmas Kafeero as he endured to the last time he was in his mind. 

I at least have a portrait that can be used should I get an opportunity of a decent burial (we have friends who are believed to be dead but when there was no opportunity to bury them.

I have at times wanted to design something when a person I knew dies, but you may go to the net and fail to get a trace of anything that person may have done while alive!  That is sad.  One should be able to write his biography or employ someone to do it, and even put it on a blog of some sort, so that in event of his death, it does not remain a gamble for people who may not have known him to write his/her biography.

I for one, even if I died now, I am sure my works would live on.  The problem is to die and all you did in life perishes with you.  There are some people you can least ignore.  In 2005, I had the challenge of writing the History of St. Mary’s College kisubi (1906 – 2006), today, thousands have read my works, and this will make me live on, among other things.  I even have a design of what I would love on my grave stone!!   

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