Friday, 18 April 2014


In the New vision story of Monday, April 14, 2014, “MPs want Government to manage country IT code,” the Minister for IT, John Nasasira was asked why Government still upholds the ban on used computers due to environmental hazards, yet it quests for IT development. In response, Nasasira advised against allowing into the country used computers since technological devices are getting cheaper. “I don’t think we need mivumba technologies now.”

It is unfortunate that we have the likes of Nasasira among the patriotic Ugandans. Nasasira may not know that since the ban, many Ugandans have continued to get second hand computers and these computers are helping them in a number of aspects. It is unfortunate that some of our leaders tend to be arrogant. Today, many people who need computers are even failing to get their little pay on time. Everything is out of hand for the locals who are not beneficiaries of corruption and or free hand outs from Government. The Minister may assume the computers are free, but from the time the policy of the ban on used computers got enforced, it looks clear that this was deliberately intended to favour some companies that allegedly bring in computers in Uganda to get the market. Today, students are using computers and many of these computers were being donated to schools. I remember Hon, Nsambu made a name in this role of being a conduit for used computers to some Uganda schools. Now, donors for such computers have no opportunity to send the used equipment to Uganda, and we are aware that UNEB had held some results of HSC students simply because they did not sit for the Computer paper.

Time is ripe for our politicians to get real. It does not help to be out of touch with the people and their circumstances. We are aware that there are flat screen monitor computers and these would be allowed in even when they are second hand.

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