Sunday, 27 April 2014


 Given what has gone on in Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) during Mr. Bukenya’s tenure, he should have been dismissed long ago if there were no highly placed interests in the malpractices at UNEB.  It is a shame that children can be admitted to higher institutions of learning when they are not capable to show the potential as reflected in their UNEB passes.  This has been possible courtesy of UNEB administration, hence the evolution of admission examinations at the School of Law Makerere University, not forgetting that in some disciplines, children with alleged passes in flying colours like in Statistics are told at admission that those who feel they are not competent at the subject should not dare register.  We have many bicupuli schools whose survival and prestige is courtesy of collaboration with UNEB such that what is finally done, these schools get content and this markets them and you think the schools are delivering.

Fagil’s resignation should get those who are concerned with the future of this country to think of revamping UNEB, otherwise, it is a sad story.  There is information that some schools are handled in a special way when it comes to marking the exams with the reason that children of the big men are in such schools and for the others, to maintain the status quo.  However, as UNEB does all this, you can be sure that we end up with hopeless products.  

Mandy must have identified these problems and wanted the man who lets these things go on out of office as the cleaning exercise takes place.  Unfortunately, the man who was to clean the system has found it impossible to continue.  That is Uganda, a country completely gone to dogs.  God help us.  In your name I pray.  

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