Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Arch Diocese of Kampala needs to do something about the road to Kiwamirembe Shrine

It is not wrong to say that hundreds go to Kiwamirembe time and again.  Not long ago, an alternative route bypassing Uganda Clays Ltd was got.  This route should be very helpful to those to Kiwamirembe as getting there is eased as compared having to pass through Kajjansi trading centre where traffic is a real problem.  However, as a right, the route is so unsafe in that at one place, water from one of the quarries that got over flooded has flooded part of the road and in the process eaten a lot of the road such that some vehicles may fail to move on.  2ndly, the closeness of the quarries makes the road users unsafe as a vehicle can easily fall into these open places.

I wish to appeal to the Archdiocese of Kampala to find a strategy to see this rectified, may be a meeting with the management of Uganda Clays, and or getting in touch with the Ministry of Works may help in seeing the road made user friendly.

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